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Feather Contest WINNER

1/24/2020 | By Staff

The Take Flight with a Feather contest, partnering Digi-Key, Adafruit & Hackaday, has come to an end and the official winner has been announced.

Congratulations to Joey Castillo and his Open Book Project, taking the concept of an e-reader and turning it into open-source hardware.

Image of Joey Castillo's Open Book Project

The Open Book Project e-reader eliminates restrictions from corporate holdbacks and the tracking of details. Joey explains the ideology and process of creating the product in this YouTube Show and Tell between him, Adafruit, and Hackaday.

The e-reader will be making its way to Digi-Key’s shelves to be available for purchase once a small production run is complete. Stay tuned for details around when you can get your hands on one of these!

Find more information on this product and the other top entries here.

Thank you to Hackaday and Adafruit for helping to make this happen! And don’t miss your chance to enter into our next contest, starting now: Train All The Things.