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Bussmann® Overcurrent Protection Devices
Bussmann® Overcurrent Protection Devices

Eaton supplies a wide range of Bussmann® overcurrent protection devices including fuses, holders and PTC resettable fuses. You'll be protected no matter the application, from industrial control to consumer products.

Image of ESPROS' EPC660 Evaluation Kit
epc660 Evaluation Kit Camera System

ESPROS' epc660 evaluation kit is a complete development system for applications using epc660 Time of Flight (TOF) imager.

Image of Diodes' UX22 and UX252 Crystal Oscillators
UX22/UX252 Crystal Oscillators

Diodes UX22/UX252 XO series is ideal for applications such as 40 G, 100 G, and 400 G optical modules where small size and ultra-low jitter are essential.

Image of Vishay BC Components MKP385e Series Film Capacitors
MKP385e Series Film Capacitors

Vishay BC Component’s MKP385e is an automotive-grade capacitor suited for snubbering and high-frequency converters.

Image of Bel Inc.'s Industrial IP20 Rated RJ45 Communication Patch Cords
Industrial IP20 Rated RJ45 Communication Patch Cords

Bel Inc.'s harsh environment patch cords, suitable for industrial environments and constructed of TPE cable, are oil-resistant and CMX Outdoor rated.

Image of TE Connectivity AMP’s LGA 4189 Socket and Hardware
LGA 4189 Socket and Hardware

TE Connectivity AMP’s LGA 4189 socket and hardware are designed to support Intel® next-generation processors.

Image of SunLED's High Temperature Series LEDs
High-Temperature Series LEDs

SunLED's high-temperature series LEDs can be operated at a higher temperature than industry-standard, increasing performance throughout the temperature range.

Image of GEDORE Tools’ Clicker Torque Wrenches
Clicker Torque Wrenches

GEDORE Tools’ clicker torque wrenches can cover a wide number of tasks since an operator can adjust them to deliver a broad range of torques.

Image of Vishay Siliconix's SISF20DN-T1-GE3 Common-Drain Dual N-Channel 60 V MOSFET
Double MOSFET à canal N 60 V à drain commun SISF20DN-T1-GE3

Le double MOSFET à canal N 60 V à drain commun SISF20DN-T1-GE3 de Vishay augmente la densité de puissance et le rendement dans les systèmes de gestion des batteries.

Image of Laird Connectivity Sentrius™ BT510 Sensor
Sentrius™ BT510 Sensor

Laird Connectivity’s Sentrius™ BT510 sensor is a rugged product with long-range BLE connectivity.

Image of Bel Fuse's Automotive AEC-Q Compliant Radial PPTC – 0ZRS Series
Fusible PPTC radial conforme à la norme automobile AEC-Q – Série 0ZRS

Bel Fuse élargit son offre de produits à l'industrie automobile avec un dispositif PPTC réarmable, conçu pour une tenue en courant maximale de 32 V, 100 A.

Image of ON Semiconductor's NCS21911: Precision Operational Amplifier, 2 MHz Bandwidth, Low Noise, Zero-Drift, 25 µV Offset
Amplificateur opérationnel de précision NCS21911

La gamme NCS2191x d'amplificateurs opérationnels haute précision à dérive nulle d'ON Semiconductor présente une faible tension de décalage d'entrée et une faible dérive de décalage sur le temps et la température.

Image of TE Connectivity AMP ELCON Micro Wire-to-Board Power Solutions
Solutions d'alimentation fil-à-carte Micro ELCON

Les solutions d'alimentation fil-à-carte Micro ELCON de TE Connectivity AMP fournissent un courant élevé pouvant atteindre 12,5 A par broche.

Image of Bel Fuse's Slow Blow 2410 SMD Fuses - 0680L Series
Fusibles CMS à action retardée 2410 – Série 0680L

La série 0680L de fusibles en céramique à montage en surface de Bel Fuse-Circuit Protection offre une résistance au courant d'appel dans un format de boîtier CMS 2410.

Image of Master Appliance’s EC-200 Variable Temperature Heat Gun
EC-200 Variable Temperature Heat Gun

Master Appliance’s EC-200 heat guns are lightweight and ergonomically designed with variable temperature settings.