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Image of Cypress' Semper™ NOR Flash Memory
Semper™ NOR Flash

Cypress' Semper™ NOR Flash memory devices exceed automotive quality and functional safety requirements and are engineered to last.

Image of Adam Tech's Fuseholders

Adam Tech fuseholders contain molded grooves on the exterior intended to allow multiple fuseholders to be stacked together with external wires mounted on clips.

Image of Crystek's BNC-KIT-2.6MF Housing Kit
BNC-KIT-2.6MF BNC Housing Kit

Crystek's BNC-KIT-2.6MF is designed as a rugged housing for DIY electronic projects and smaller circuits to simplify designs with BNC male/female connections.

Image of Analog Devices' AD5770R Current Output Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) with On-Chip Reference
AD5770R Current Output Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) with On-Chip Reference

ADI’s AD5770R 6-channel current output DAC with on-chip reference provides a smaller footprint with higher power efficiency than available biasing solutions.

Image of Crystek's CMOD225-10-100 PLL Module
CMOD225-10-100 PLL Module

Crystek's CMOD225-10-100 is a PLL module that phase locks an internal ultra-low phase noise 100 MHz VCXO to an external 10 MHz input frequency reference.

Image of Weidmuller's 9926 Series Circuit Breakers
Disjoncteurs série 9926

Les disjoncteurs série 9926 de Weidmuller sont fréquemment utilisés dans les applications exigeant une protection des circuits de commande.

LT8210 Buck-Boost DC/DC Controllers with Passthrough

ADI's LT8210 1000 V DC/DC controller with passthrough passes VIN directly to VOUT without switching noise or losses within the user-set passthrough window.

Image of Adam Tech's Latching D-Sub Connectors
Latching D-Sub Connectors

Adam Tech latching D-Sub connectors' specially designed female plug overmolds mate with a secure latching bump on the male connector end to secure a tight fit.

Image of 3M's Electrically Conductive Gasket Tape MSG6000F Series
Ruban adhésif d'étanchéité électro-conducteur série MSG6000F

Le ruban adhésif d'étanchéité électro-conducteur série MSG6000F de 3M™ est composé d'un tissu conducteur, d'une mousse grise hautement conductrice et d'un adhésif noir sensible à la pression.

Image of Amphenol LTW's M Series Field Installable Connectors
M Series Field-Installable Connectors

Amphenol LTW’s M series field-installable connectors allow quick termination and enhance reliable connection and efficiency in on-site field installation.

Image of STMicroelectronics' TS883IST Rail-to-Rail 0.9 V Nanopower Comparator
TS883IST Rail-to-Rail 0.9 V Nano-Power Comparator

STMicroelectronics' TS883 is a nano-power comparator which features an ultra-low supply current with rail-to-rail input capability and open-drain output.

Image of Amphenol SV Microwave's High-Frequency Coaxial D38999 Contacts
Contacts coaxiaux haute fréquence D38999

Les contacts D38999 coaxiaux à haute fréquence d'Amphenol SV Microwave sont disponibles dans les tailles 8, 12 et 16 pour les inserts standard et le logement du D38999 série III.

Image of TDK-Lambda FQA-FQB Series MIL-COTS EMC Filters

TDK-Lambda’s FQA and FQB series of EMC filters are designed with a high differential and common mode noise attenuation.

Image of Abracon's AX3, AK5, and AK7 ClearClock™ XO Series
AX3, AK5, and AK7 ClearClock™ XO Series

Abracon's crystal oscillators are designed to meet the needs of compact applications requiring carrier frequencies in the 100 MHz to 220 MHz range.

Image of Infineon Technologies' NLM0010/NLM0011 NFC Configuration ICs
NLM0010/NLM0011 NFC Configuration ICs

Infineon’s NLM0010 and NLM0011 dual-mode NFC configuration ICs have pulse width modulation (PWM) output with NLM0011 featuring constant lumen output function.