SiC MOSFET and IGBT Driver 9 A Peak Output – IX4351NE | Datasheet Preview

IXYS Integrated Circuits, now part of Littelfuse Technology, developed the IX4351NE to operate from an input voltage ranging from negative 10 volts to 25 volts. The IC has separate 9-amp source and sink outputs which minimize switching losses and allow for tailored turn-on and turn-off timing. Additionally, it offers an improved dV/dt immunity and faster turn-off thanks to its selectable negative gate drive bias, which is generated from the internal negative charge regulator. Its integrated desaturation detection circuitry prevents potentially damaging dV/dt events by detecting over-current conditions of the silicon carbide MOSFET and then initiating a soft turn off. Other protection features include under-voltage lockout, thermal shutdown, and more.

3/19/2020 6:18:51 PM

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