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Trenz Electronic

Image of Trenz Electronic's Carrier Boards

Cartes porteuses

Les cartes porteuses de Trenz Electronic offrent des fonctionnalités à des fins de test, d'évaluation et de développement des systèmes sur modules (SoM) de 4 cm x 5 cm de Trenz Electronic.

Image of Trenz Electronic's TE0720 Series SoC Module

Module SoC série TE0720

Le TE0720 de Trenz Electronic est un module SoC de grade industriel, intégrant un SoC Zynq Z-7020 de Xilinx, un émetteur-récepteur Gigabit Ethernet et 8 Gb de mémoire SDRAM DDR3.

Image of Trenz Electronic's TE0726 Zynq ZynqBerry Module

Module TE0726 Zynq ZynqBerry

La plage de températures de fonctionnement commerciales du module FPGA TE0726, compatible Raspberry Pi, de Trenz Electronic dépend de la solution de refroidissement et de la conception du client.

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Red Pitaya STEMlab Device
This presentation will introduce the Red Pitaya STEMlab Device from Trenz.
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À propos de Trenz Electronic

Trenz Electronic GmbH operates as a provider of development services in the electronics industry since 1992. Our service includes design-in support as well as turnkey designs which typically covers all steps from product specification, and hardware and software design up to prototyping and production. We are particularly specialized in the design of high-speed data acquisition, high-accuracy measurement, and embedded digital signal processing systems based on FPGA and CPU architectures.

Customers benefit from our engineering expertise focused on embedded systems in industrial environments, as well as PC-based process control and measurement systems. Our development service is supplemented by FPGA-and MCU-based development boards and tools. In the event that an off-the-shelf FPGA board won't fit customers' requirements, the design can easily be adapted by our comprehensive engineering design services. The production and supply of OEM FPGA modules completes the portfolio. Trenz Electronic helps companies benefit from FPGA technology in industrial applications to achieve key business objectives.