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- Since being established in Switzerland in 1964, Ideal-tek has become one of the world’s leading manufacturer and suppliers of precision hand tools and instruments. Their products are used every day, all over the world, by thousands of customers in the surgical instruments, medical device, microscopy and laboratory, electronics and semiconductor, watchmaking, jewelry, and beauty industries. From their facility in the southern Switzerland region of Tessin, they design and manufacture high quality specialist tweezers, cutters, pliers, and custom designed tools. They also provide customers with additional complementary products, sourced from highly respected third parties. These products include microscopes, scalpels and blades, printed circuit board holders, soldering/desoldering tools. Ideal-tek products are sold in 45 countries by a network of some 150 distributor partners. Currently, 35% of their sales come from the USA, 40% from Europe, and 25% from Asia.

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Image of Ideal-Tek's Smart Tweezers

Smart Tweezers à mesureur LCR

La conception unique des Smart Tweezers™ à mesureur LCR d'Ideal-Tek combine une paire de pinces CMS plaquées or avec des poignées ergonomiques blindées.

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Image of Ideal-tek's High Precision Tweezers

Brucelles haute précision

Les brucelles de précision d'Ideal-tek sont non magnétiques et résistantes à la corrosion, résultant en une longue durée de vie.

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Image of Ideal-tek’s Precision Cutters and Pliers with Ergonomic Handles

Pinces et pinces coupantes de précision avec poignées ergonomiques

Les pinces et pinces coupantes de précision d'Ideal-tek sont disponibles en trois lames de coupe, semi-flush, flush et full-flush.

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Image of Ideal-Tek's Smart Switch

Smart Tweezer™

Duration: 5 minutes

Introduction and user training for Ideal-tek's Smart Tweezer™ product line.

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How to change your Cutter & Plier Springs – Tutorial

Tutorial on changing cutter and plier springs

Date de publication : 2018-12-06

Replaceable Plastic and Ceramic Tip Tweezers - Tutorial

Tutorial on Replaceable Plastic and Ceramic Tips

Date de publication : 2018-12-06

Ideal-tek’s New Ergo-tek Line

The Ergo-tek line represents the perfect combination of ultra high cutting quality and durability

Date de publication : 2018-12-06

How to oil your Cutters & Pliers – Tutorial

Benefits of taking care of your cutters and pliers

Date de publication : 2018-12-06

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