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9/21/2017 | By Kevin Walseth

Retro gaming systems wasn’t too retro when I was growing up! I don’t think it will be too long down the road when people are laughing about the Technology in the Raspberry Pi, it will someday be outdated. When I got my hands on an Adabox005, I was very happy to see what it was. What can be better than a Raspberry Pi Zero with a game controller? How about adding a 5” screen to it?

What I did was create a 3d printed holder for the screen and the Raspberry Pi. I was also able to connect a portable battery to it and it would run for about 2 hours. This was a great way to break up the day in the office. I had to make sure all of the games I uploaded worked!

Image of Adabox005

Check out our video and see me in 8-bit action trying to take over the Board Hoarder and win an Adabox005! I think our video production team had too much fun creating this game. Basically, everything this Adabox has brought to Digi-Key made our lives a lot more entertaining.


Thanks Adafruit!

Kevin Walseth

Image of Adabox005