IoT Air Quality Monitoring

Air quality can have an adverse impact on people’s health, so monitoring of air quality has become increasingly important and commonplace. Regulatory requirements and technology advancements are also driving increased interest in and the use of monitoring.

Cypress and Sensirion collaborated on an IoT air quality monitoring example project that integrates a Cypress PSoC 6 processor with Sensirion sensors to push sensor data to a cloud dashboard.

Project Background

The project uses a CY8CKIT-062-WIFI-BT PSoC 6 evaluation board to query Sensirion sensors over I2C and connect to the cloud. Sensirion’s SGP, SPS, and SHT sensors are used to measure VOC and CO2 equivalent gas concentrations, particulate matter concentrations, temperature, and humidity. ThingsBoard Open-Source IoT Platform is used for visualization of sensor data on a dashboard. All project details, instructions and software are documented in the IoT air quality monitoring example project downloadable from GitHub. The demo software provided with the project should be compatible with most Cypress WICED SDK devices, but the configuration code may need to be adjusted to match the hardware.

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