Digilent OpenScope MZ Module | Maker Minute

Digilent’s OpenScope MZ is an open-source programmable instrumentation module based on the Microchip PIC32 MZ series. It provides users with two 2 MHz scope channels, a 1MHz function generator, logic analyzer, ten programmable digital IOs, and programmable power supplies on a 72 mm x 72 mm board. It connects to a computer through on-board Wi-Fi or USB and uses Digilent’s WaveForms live to display data and control outputs, but it can also be reprogrammed to run standalone using the Arduino IDE or MPLAB X. This gives users a portable and powerful computing platform with high-speed precision analog and digital I/O, and hardware, firmware, software, and mechanical specs are available for users to modify and improve the design.

11/17/2017 3:10:55 PM

Part List

ImageRéférence fabricantDescriptionQuantité disponibleAfficher les détails
IC MCU 32BIT 2MB FLASH 124VTLAPIC32MZ2048EFG124-I/TLIC MCU 32BIT 2MB FLASH 124VTLA15 - ImmédiatementAfficher les détails
IC MCU 32BIT 2MB FLASH 124VTLAPIC32MZ2048EFG124T-I/TLIC MCU 32BIT 2MB FLASH 124VTLA0Afficher les détails
CHIPKIT PGM PROGR/DEBUGGER410-242CHIPKIT PGM PROGR/DEBUGGER6 - ImmédiatementAfficher les détails
MINI GRABBERS TEST CLIP SET OF 6240-052MINI GRABBERS TEST CLIP SET OF 611 - ImmédiatementAfficher les détails
CABLE USB A TO MICRO B310-053CABLE USB A TO MICRO B65 - ImmédiatementAfficher les détails
PMOD CABLE KIT: 6-PIN 18240-021-18PMOD CABLE KIT: 6-PIN 18"79 - ImmédiatementAfficher les détails