SmartBond™ DA14585 Development Kit Pro

Getting started with SmartBond™ DA14585 Development Kit Pro. This Development Kit gives you all the flexibility you need to develop your product with confidence, creating more advanced connected applications with the smallest footprints and power budgets. In this video, you will see the content of the Development Kit Pro and some of it’s important features together with Dialog tools and how to set-up the development environment.

3/31/2017 4:17:25 PM

SmartBond DA14585 Development Kit Pro

ImageRéférence fabricantDescriptionQuantité disponibleAfficher les détails
IC RF TXRX+MCU BLUETOOTH 34XFBGADA14585-00000VV2IC RF TXRX+MCU BLUETOOTH 34XFBGA5023 - ImmédiatementAfficher les détails
IC RF TXRX+MCU BLUETOOTH 40VFQFNDA14585-00000AT2IC RF TXRX+MCU BLUETOOTH 40VFQFN5503 - ImmédiatementAfficher les détails
BT5.0 BASIC KITDA14585-00ATDEVKT-BBT5.0 BASIC KIT0Afficher les détails
BT5.0 PRO KIT MB+DB QFN40DA14585-00ATDEVKT-PBT5.0 PRO KIT MB+DB QFN4023 - ImmédiatementAfficher les détails
BT5.0 PRO DB QFN40DA14585-00ATDB-PBT5.0 PRO DB QFN402 - ImmédiatementAfficher les détails
BT5.0 PRO DB WL-CSP34DA14585-00VVDB-PBT5.0 PRO DB WL-CSP343 - ImmédiatementAfficher les détails