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Kitronik ZIP Halo Coasters Using Micro:bit


There are few parts required to construct this coaster. Just a Micro:bit, ZIP Halo, battery pack, batteries, and an enclosure. The bill of materials is towards the end of this article, but the enclosure was drawn with Fusion 360 and printed. Is the public link for downloading the STL files. Disregard body 3 as that was a preliminary design, but because another body was mirrored from it, it cannot be deleted.


The enclosure was designed with a tension fit to hold it together. There is a keyed notch so it will only assemble in the correct orientation, and opposite of that is a slot for a flathead screwdriver to pry the two pieces apart. The bottom piece of the enclosure has two guides for proper battery placement and a hole for external access to the power switch.

To begin programming, place the Micro:bit on the back of the Halo, ensuring pin 0-5 are matched on each, then screw them together. Grab the battery pack and place the AAA batteries in there, being mindful of negative and positive orientation, close the battery pack, and plug it into the connector on the Halo.

Halo and Micro:bit

Now download the app from the Google Play or App Store found here: Then follow the pairing instructions located within the same link and mess with the programming to get used to it. You will need to select Advanced and include the Neopixel library to code the Halo. is a public link to the final block code.


The code will initiate a chasing rainbow function at startup, then turn red, green, and blue upon shaking the Micro:bit.


To finish the project assembly, we used hook and loop from 3M to hold the battery pack in place without actually gluing it down. Place the halo on top of that ensuring the connector is off to the side of the battery pack, and press the top on. Flip the switch and enjoy your creation!


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