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Image of STMicroelectronics' LSM6DSRXTR MEMS sensor modules
LSM6DSRXTR MEMS Sensor Modules

STMicro's LSM6DSRX is an iNEMO inertial module always-on 3D digital accelerometer and 3D digital gyroscope with high-stability over temperature and time.

Image of Parker Chomerics' CHO-MASK® II EMI Foil Tape

Parker Chomerics' CHO-MASK II is an EMI foil tape layered with polyester paint masking, providing a conductive non-corroding surface on electronic enclosures.

Image of Amphenol TCS' Lynx™ Low Profile Connectors
Lynx™ Low-Profile Connectors

Amphenol ICC's Lynx™ is a 4-row product offering double the density in a 2-row footprint that is suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Image of NimbeLink's Skywire® LTE CAT 4 Modem
Skywire® LTE CAT 4 Modem for North America

NimbeLink simplifies cellular connection development with robust patented end-device-certified Skywire® LTE CAT 4 embedded modems in AT&T and Verizon versions.

Image of KEMET Organic Capacitor (KO-CAP®) – High Reliability
Kemet Organic Capacitor (KO-CAP®)

KEMET KO-CAP is a solid electrolytic capacitor with a conductive polymer cathode capable of delivering low ESR and capacitance retention at high frequencies.

UBAL Series Terminal Blocks - Phoenix Contact
UBAL Series Terminal Blocks

Phoenix Contact's UBAL terminal series is made up of aluminum conductors and copper wires which can be used in UBAL universal terminal blocks.

Contact EO Power Outlets - Phoenix
EO Power Outlets

Phoenix Contact continues the expansion of the installation product line with the release of the EO power outlet series.

Image of Kycon Locking Power Plug and Jack
KLDX/KLDHCX/KLDVHCX Series Locking Power Plug and Jack

Kycon’s KLDX/KLDHCX/KLDVHCX series' locking DC power jacks and plugs provide the ability to lock a barrel connector to prevent accidental disconnection.

Image of Rosenberger's Modular Connector System
Modular Connector System

The Rosenberger modular connector system improves existing solutions and fulfills the increasing requirements of test and measurement industries.

Image of Parker Chomerics' THERM-A-GAP™ GEL45 Thermally Conductive Gel
THERM-A-GAP™ GEL45 Thermally Conductive Gel

Parker Chomerics' THERM-A-GAP™ GEL45 dispensable thermal gel with 4.5 W/m-K thermal conductivity is a one-component fully cured system.

Image of Infineon Technologies Optimal Drive Systems
Optimal Motor Drive Systems

Infineon Technologies’ silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology provides high-voltage, level-shift technology for unique advantages and robust protection.

Image of NKK's Switch Sample Kits
Switch Sample Kits

NKK Switches offers sample kits of products with assortments by specific product types or categories and each containing an identifying directory.

Image of Littelfuse Heavy Duty Vehicle 4-Pole or 7-Pole Connectors for Tractor-Trailers
Heavy-Duty Vehicle 4-Pole or 7-Pole Connectors for Tractor-Trailers

Littelfuse Cole Hersee's tractor-trail connectors maintain a secure connection of a trailer's electrical power to the vehicle pulling it.

Image of Leader Tech's Copper Foil Tapes
Copper Foil Tapes

Leader Tech's copper foil tapes are ideally suited for critical shielding and masking applications.

Image of Leader Tech's EMI Vent Panels
EMI Vent Panels

Leader Tech’s low-cost EMI vent panels shield openings for heating and ventilation against electromagnetic interference.