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Getting Started with the Micro:bit v2

By Kevin Walseth

The beauty of the BBC Micro:Bit is the ability to use makecode to program the micro:bit.  It is an online editor which needs no separate programs or apps installed to be downloaded. All you need is an internet connection.

To get started, navigate to (this is the newest editor created for the Micro:bit v2)

newest editor created for the Microbit v2

Click on “New Project” in purple

  1. Select Advanced > Add Extension and paste the into the search box.
  2. Click on the extension to add it to the toolbox.

This will allow you to utilize the new features on the Micro:bit v2

Now let’s see how the new capacitive touch logo works:

Under input, let’s click on “on logo pressed”

click on logo pressed

Then under Basic, click “show string (Hello!)”

click show string hello

Drag the show string inside the “on logo pressed” puzzle

string inside the on logo pressed puzzle

To download this to the microbit, click on the download button.

download this to the microbit

This will automatically download it to your “downloads” folder on your computer. The next thing to do is to plug in your micro:bit to your computer. This will bring up a disk drive similar to a flash drive. All you have to do is simply drag and drop the downloaded file onto your micro:bit drive.

downloaded file onto your microbit drive

It will then program onto the microbit and you can see it operate once you touch the Micro:Bit logo.

Now let’s try the microphone input and speaker.

We can delete the blocks that were created for the logo touch input and start clean.

Add the blocks: “On loud sound”, “show leds”, and “play melody” just like this:

Add the blocks

The LED’s is supposed to be the DK logosmile

LED is supposed to be the DK logo

Now you can download this to your Micro:Bit.  If you scream at it, you should see your image.

These are just a few quick examples utilizing the new sensors and features of the Micro:Bit v2

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