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Arduino AllBot (Velleman VR408)

By VellemanStore

Velleman VR408 Contruction

To get your Velleman AllBot project going, you'll start with a servo motor connector shield, battery shield, all limbs and parts, and eight servo motors (all included in the Velleman AllBot set - we keep this project clean-cut). Use the Velleman manual for building and project advice.

AllBot Operation

Use Arduino Uno or Arduino Mega Boards to program the AllBot. From here, program your bot to operate on it's own or use an infrared transmitter for remote control. There is a free app that allows you to control your bot from smart phone or tablet if you go infrared.


For the Pro-Maker 

Take your project to the next level by adding legs or different types of feet (Velleman offers VR013 and VR012). For any 3D print nerds out there, further customize your bot by printing your own parts using a model like the K8400. This project becomes one that can be tailored to the creator.

Velleman Store offers an entire section of Arduino and AllBot products and resources. If you're not ready for this project yet, or want something else similar, check out the full Arduino menu on the site.

  • 1050-1024-ND
  • 1050-1018-ND