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Maker Faire Bay Area 2019

5/13/2019 | By ASHLEY

The time has come yet again for Maker Faire Bay Area! Each Maker Faire holds an eclectic assortment of Makes and Makers that all come together to form what is referred to as the “World’s Largest Show and Tell”. Digi-Key will be there yet again as not only an event and live stream sponsor, but with an awesome booth that will hopefully inspire all types of Makers.

Last year at World Maker Faire in New York we had this AWESOME Augmented Reality skateboard building demo, and it wouldn’t be faire (<-- see what I did there?) if we didn’t bring it to Bay Area this year.

Maker Faire Bay Area 2019

Some of the projects we are featuring this year will be repeats for those that attended last year, but of course we had to bring some new product to show off as well. The new items include the PiCade from Pimoroni, custom Kitronik MOVE:mini and MeArm, the Neotrellis from Adafruit, and more.

Maker Faire Bay Area 2019

One demonstration that will interest almost all of the Makers is the NXP dollhouse. “Wait, did she just say dollhouse?” I absolutely did! Using their new Rapid IoT Prototyping Kit, NXP created an entirely smart dollhouse to feature some of its capabilities.

Aside from the booth, Digi-Key will be hosting a “Learn to Breadboard” activity and a hands-on workshop where we teach you how to use the enviro:bit from Pimoroni to detect color!

The lively and exciting atmosphere of the event is something you just have to experience for yourself. There are many more exciting things happening over at the Digi-Key booth, so you’ll just have to stop by and check it out! Maybe you’ll be a lucky winner at our infamous Prize Garage!

Find us next to the Make: Electronics stage.

If you are unable to attend, check out the Digi-key sponsored live stream here.