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All the Internet of Things - Episode 4 - How to Set Up Your Adafruit IO Dashboard

3/8/2019 | By Staff

This fourth video in the Digi-Key and Adafruit All About the Internet of Things series focuses on Adafruit IO. Adafruit has created the simplest interface to aggregate and visualize your data with the super intuitive Adafruit IO platform. Whether you are a Maker, Maker Pro, or professional engineer, there is simply no easier way to post and view your data. In the IoT concept and prototype phases time to visualization is key and, no matter what your project demands, Adafruit IO is a tool that you should strongly consider.

Adafruit IO simplifies any data driven design. Being cloud based and fully supported by Adafruit means that you can focus on your particular designs and then leverage Adafruit's expertise for cloud service management. Using the tool enables you to display your data in real-time and interact with your design including controlling motors, flipping switches, turning on lights, and much, much, more. Adafruit IO leverages web services like Twitter RSS feeds, IFTTT, Zapier, and has the ability connect to other internet enabled devices so you can easily incorporate robust functionality into your project.

So watch the video to learn about this exciting service and if you want to try using it please check out these additional blogs on