DC1335A-A: 3.3V @ 6.6A POE, 37 ~ 57V in


Demonstration circuit 1335A-A is a high-power supply featuring the LTC®4269IDKD-1. This board acts as an IEEE 802.3at compliant, high power Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), Powered Device (PD) and connects at the RJ45 to a compatible high power Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) device, such as the DC1366.

The LTC4269IDKD-1 provides IEEE802.3at standard (PoE+) PD interfacing and power supply control. When the PD is fully powered, the PD interface switches power over from the PSE to the switcher through an internal, low resistance, high power MOSFET. The highly integrated LTC4269IDKD-1 controls a high-power, small-sized power supply that utilizes a highly-efficient isolated flyback topology with synchronous rectification. The DC1335A-A supplies a 3.3V output at up to 7A.

DC1335A-A also demonstrates the use of an auxiliary 48V wall adapter. When present, the auxiliary supply becomes the dominant supply over PoE to provide power.


Manufacturer Analog Devices Inc.
Category Power Management
Sub-Category POE - Power Over Ethernet
Eval Board Part Number DC1335A-A-ND
Eval Board Supplier Analog Devices Inc.
Eval Board Board not Stocked
Compliance IEEE 802.3at Type 2
Outputs and Type 1 Isolated
Voltage Out 3.3 V
Current Out 6.6 A
Voltage In 37 ~ 57 V
Efficiency @ Conditions >88%, 57V in, 3.3V @ 4.2 ~ 7 A
>88%, 50V in, 3.3V @ 3.5 ~ 7 A
>88%, 42V in, 3.3V @ 2.8 ~ 7 A
Internal Switch Yes
Features Over Voltage Protection
Power Good Output
Shutdown, Enable, Standby
Soft Start
Thermal Protection
Under Voltage Protection, Brown-Out
Switching Frequency 250 kHz
Component Count + Extras 60 + 15
Design Author Linear Technology
Application / Target Market Factory Automation
RF / Wireless
RF: WLAN Access Points
Security IP Camera
VOIP Phones
Main I.C. Base Part LTC4269
Date Created By Author 2009-04
Date Added To Library 2013-11