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NMB IP69K-Rated Cooling Fans | Digi-Key Daily
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5 minutes
Refrigeration Fans
This presentation will provide details of NMB’s new line of fan motors for refrigeration applications.
5 minutes
R & F Series of Large Cooling Fans and Impellers
R and F Series represent an ideal solution for applications where high efficiency, high airflow, low noise and flexibility are required.
5 minutes
Cooling Solutions
Guide to choosing the a cooling solution that best fits an application. Covers multiple factors that must be considered when choosing cooling solutions.
5 minutes
Computer Cooling in System Design
How thermal simulation can assist in predicting and improving the airflow of an average CPU application in order to produce optimal CPU cooling.
10 minutes
Thermal Simulation in Telecom Applications
How thermal simulation is used to discover the optimal thermal solution for cooling in system design.
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About NMB

MinebeaMitsumi is a trusted manufacturer of ultra-precision electromechanical components. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, their global manufacturing base spans over 80 locations in 22 different countries. They are committed to developing advanced technology solutions to meet the demands of a growing connected society. NMB Technologies is the sales and marketing arm of MinebeaMitsumi in the U.S. and is based in Novi, MI.

From the beginning, NMB has believed in creating strong partnerships with their customers. This commitment to their customers is demonstrated by making available local application engineers, knowledgeable direct sales, and partnering with world class distributors and local representatives who know their products and its quality inside out.Their globally recognized brands include NMB for ultra-precision ball bearings and fans, Minebea for high quality stepper and DC motors, and Mitsumi for advanced wireless, interconnect and RF technologies.