CnC Tech

Visual Product Guide

Power Cords - CnC Tech has power cords, 12-18 AWG, for many applications

Barrel Audio Cables - CnC Tech offers audio cable assemblies for headphones and multimedia usage

D-Sub Cables - CnC Tech offers D-Sub cable assemblies in HD15, DB09 and DB25 types

USB Cables - CnC Tech offers USB cables in many configurations for USB 1.1, 2.0, and 3.0 standards

Video Cables - CnC Tech offers HDMI-A, HDMI-C, and DVI-D cables in many configurations

Magnet Wire - CnC Tech offers thermal class 200°C MW35-C enameled copper magnet wire

Silicon Insulated Hook-Up Wire - CnC Tech offers silicon insulated hook-up wire in UL Styles 3132, 3135, and 3239 that meet UL VW-1 and CSA FT1 vertical flame test, 10 colors

FEP Insulated Hook-Up Wire - CnC Tech offers hook-up wires with FEP insulation that is restraint to extremes of temperatures, chemical solvents, compression, and repeat flexing, 10 colors

USB Connectors - CnC Tech offers USB connectors in Standard, AB, mini and micro configurations.

Headers, Male Pin - CnC Tech offers a wide variety of popular connectors which includes sockets and headers with gold-plated contacts

Tools - CnC Tech offers commercial grade tools, designed primarily for field installation, repair, maintenance work, or prototyping in industrial, commercial, or institutional applications

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