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M Series

To meet the increasing demand for industrial automation and process control systems, Bulgin has developed the M series Buccaneer connector range.

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Buccaneer Series

Bulgin's Buccaneer series offers a wide range of data connectors in conjunction with their popular power variants.

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Connectivity Community Blog

A central hub for engineers, designers and creatives to engage, interact and share all things connected.

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Recent PTMs

5 minutes
Switch Overview
Bulgin’s line of vandal resistant switches feature rating up to 5A, 250Vac, are high quality stainless steel, and are available in various styles and profiles.
5 minutes
Buccaneer® Data Connectors
Quick, simple solution ideal protection against dust and water and provides a secure connection for Ethernet, SMB, Firewire, USB, and USB mini applications.
5 minutes
Buccaneer Power Connectors Overview
A full range of IP68 rated environmentally sealed circular connectors designed to provide secure and safe connectors in harsh or hostile conditions.
5 minutes
6000 Series Metal and Plastic Push-Pull Connectors
Bulgin's 6000 series line of metal and plastic push-pull connectors offer rapid connections, compact footprint, and full set IP ratings.
5 minutes
Antimicrobial Switches
The antimicrobial switches' BioCote protection will not break down or wear off and will retain its antimicrobial efficiency throughout the life of the switch.
5 minutes
Bulgin's line of switches include rocker, toggle, pushbutton, and refrigerator door switches. All parts are certified compliant with UL, CSA, CE and RoHS.
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About Bulgin

Bulgin, a Global Connectivity Consultancy that is widely recognised as a leading manufacturer of environmentally sealed connectors and components. With over 95 years of experience in the industry, Bulgin's vision is to continue to innovate and develop products and services to cater for their global customer base across a variety of markets.

Bulgin Components specializes in the design and manufacture of quality waterproof connectors, the Buccaneer IP68 rated waterproof circular connector line, mains connectors, battery holders, EMI filters, fuse holders, indicators, vandal resistant LED's, vandal resistant switches, push button switches, toggle switches, and voltage selectors.

All products are built in Bulgin's own ISO 9001 accredited factories, carrying international approvals. Bulgin Components technological advances improve the performance and energy efficiency of electronic and electrical equipment in automotive, consumer electronics, computer/peripherals, industrial, marine, telecom, petrochemical and lighting applications.