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Heat Pipe Technology Explained
Hi-Contact Liquid Cold Plates
Applying Thermal Grease
Metal Rod vs. Heat Pipe
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5 minutes
Max Clip Series
Overview of the Max Clip system of heat sinks, clips, and solder pins, used to optimize thermal management of power transistors
5 minutes
How to Select a Heat Sink
A step-by-step guide describing how to identify and select the correct heat sink for applications, along with selection examples from Aavid Thermalloy.
10 minutes
Synjet® Coolers for Use in LED Lighting
Aavid Thermal Division of Boyd SynJet® coolers are a high reliability air mover that last longer than the LEDs that they cool.
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About Aavid

Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd Corporation is the largest provider of thermal management solutions and engineering services in the world. For decades, Aavid has consistently brought the most innovative cooling technologies to market while also improving the efficiency and availability of traditional thermal management solutions. With hundreds of engineers in design and manufacturing facilities across the globe, Aavid's experience and expertise combined with their dedication to unique problem solving, allows them to meet the most demanding requirements and resolve any thermal challenge.

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