Build with Confidence

From connectivity to control, Phoenix Contact gives you the confidence you need in your control systems. Our longstanding commitment to quality and innovation will give you the peace of mind and competitive edge to succeed in today’s highly complex manufacturing world.

Control cabinet designers must constantly rethink their solutions to remain competitive in the market. With a proven record of innovation, Phoenix Contact is the perfect partner to support this continual evolution of system design.

The coordinated interaction between hardware and software in the COMPLETE line approach streamlines your processes – from initial design, to implementation, to the reliable execution and operation of your applications.


Don’t overlook the basics. No matter how sophisticated your control system, a “line down” situation is only a power-disturbance away. True power reliability involves protection against surges and overcurrents, conversion of AC to DC while providing redundancy and battery back-up, monitoring for faults, and distributing power to end-devices. Combined, these four elements provide the foundation on which a reliable control system should be built.

Machine safety means more than OSHA regulations. Proper implementation includes increased productivity, uptime, and profitability. Enact safety measures without limiting production machine flexibility or production cells. Adaptable cabinet configurations with integrated safety give you the freedom to add or reorganize machines dynamically.

Never take a good connection for granted. Every wire in your control cabinet is there for a reason. The connections of those wires - via push-in, spring, screw, IDC, ring lug or crimp - are only as reliable as the quality of the terminations. For nearly a century, Phoenix Contact has been a trusted partner for reliable connections.

The modern factory, driven by IIoT and big data, has given rise to increased network traffic and subsequent vulnerabilities and risks, both internal and external. Resilient network infrastructure starts with the correct selection of switches, cellular and wireless radios, and security appliances to maximize efficient and resilient communication, enable secure remote access, and prevent network breaches.

Every signal has a specific purpose and not all signals are the same. And sometimes along the journey, signals may need to be isolated, amplified, or converted to serve their purpose in the system. Analog signals, digital signals, and motors all require the right product to ensure that the signal gets the job done.

The heart of the control cabinet is the logic platform. For OEMs and control engineers alike, it has never been easier to build smaller, smarter machines faster – freeing operators from using controllers and equipment based solely on prior familiarity or specifications. Industrial PCs/HMIs and scalable controllers can streamline functionality, reduce equipment and costs, and usher in the next generation of intelligent machine automation.

Time is money. The tools and resources used to build your control cabinet are key to controlling costs. Design software, marking systems, industrial tools, wire management, and cabinet accessories are often overlooked. Careful consideration of these products reduces errors and production time, translating directly to the bottom-line profitability of any shop floor.

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