Industrial Automation

The relentless drive for efficient production leads Manufacturers today to seek ways to transform their business through IoT or Industry 4.0.

Transformation does not have to necessitate an expensive, major infrastructure overhaul – it could simply add a layer of intelligence to existing systems – or integrate new supporting systems to improved production performance.

Advantech’s intelligent factory solutions have the ability to connect and extract data even from unconnected legacy systems, and compute and visualize the data for intelligent operations management and a data-driven digital manufacturing transformation.

  • Remote I/O & I/O Gateway
  • DAQ I/O's
  • Intelligent Factory & Machine Automation
  • HMI
  • Panel PC's
  • Monitors
  • Embedded Automation PC

Remote I/O & I/O Gateway

Advantech’s ADAM remote I/O modules have been used by industry for over 25 years. Each year, new product offerings and the latest technology updates continue to fulfill an increasingly diverse range of applications. The recently launched Ethernet I/O and Wireless I/O are broadly used in IoT or other industrial applications, such as facility monitoring, environmental monitoring, and industrial process control. Advantech’s distributed Remote I/O Modules are categorized into two families, Ethernet I/O (ADAM-6000 series) and RS-485 I/O (ADAM-4000 series), which are further divided into Analog I/O and Digital I/O modules.

ADAM Series and Applications

New product offerings and latest technology updates continue to fulfill an increasingly diverse range of applications. The ADAM-4100 series is a designed to adapt to harsh environments and comes equipped with RS-485 and USB interfaces for flexibility in communication. Additionally, for larger network infrastructures, the ADAM-6000/6200/6300 series Ethernet-based remote I/O modules use OPC UA, MQTT, RESTful, SNMP and Modbus to enhance communication efficiency.

ADAM 6000 Series Features

Advantech’s edge I/O gateway and controller solutions with WISE-PaaS/EdgeLink, NodeRED, Python and PLC programming language are designed to simplify remote monitoring. These solutions improve service quality by facilitating product care, enable equipment monitoring, allow for efficient energy consumption analysis and both Cloud &database connection. OPC UA, MQTT, RESTful, Sparkplug and Modbus protocols are available. Deriving intelligence through big data analysis is key for today’s IoT applications.

Optional Accessories:

Power supply modules, DIN rail, and I/O rack

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ADAM 4168 I/O Module

Serial Modbus Remote I/O Modules

ADAM-4000 modules are easy to use, and include industrial-grade, rugged cases for reliable operation in harsh environments.

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ADAM 6360D Ethernet Module

Ethernet & Protocol I/O Modules

The ADAM 6000/6100/6200/6300 series are powered by GCL and P2P, and can perform as a standalone product for measurement, control, and automation.

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ADAM 5000 and Interfaces

I/O Gateway Controller

ADAM-5000 PC-based controllers feature an Intel Atom D510 CPU along with control specific features such as watchdog timer, battery backup RAM, and deterministic I/O. ADAM PC-based controllers support 5 standard IEC 61131-3 programming languages in CE 5.0.

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RS-422 Serial Converter

Specialist and Expansion I/O Modules

Advantech’s light industrial products are smaller and designed to attach inline directly to cables.

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Advantech Industrial IoT Systems and Devices Star Product Guide

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Advantech offers a wide range of industrial data acquisition (DAQ) and control devices with various interfaces and functions. Based on PC technology, from add-on PCIC & PCI cards and portable USB I/O modules to signal conditioning and graphical software tools, Advantech’s industrial I/O products are reliable, accurate, affordable, and suitable for a range of industrial automation applications such as test & measurement, laboratory operations, machine automation, and production testing.

DAQ-embedded Computer

Advantech‘s DAQ-embedded Computer is the industry's embedded data acquisition computer module with signal conditioning and processing transducer integrated into a PC-based control platform.

The series is made palm-sized for easy in-cabinet placement, and also adopts a fanless design, which is ideal for space-limited applications. It also supports our free software development kit (DAQNavi/SDK) and machine condition monitoring software (DAQNavi/MCM) to help customers develop the system faster than ever.

Laptop surrounded by DAQNavi and associated apps

Advantech DAQNavi is a comprehensive software package, for programmers to develop their application programs using Advantech DAQ boards or devices. This integrated software package includes drivers, SDK, tutorial and utility. The SDK Supports common-used development environment including Visual C/C++, Borland C Builder, Visual Basic .NET, Visual C#, Delphi, Java, VB, LabVIEW and Python.


PCI Express DAQ

PCI and PCI Express DAQ, Analog & Digital I/O, Communication Cards

DAQ digital and analog I/O cards feature RS-232/422/485 serial and PCI serial that need only one ISA or PCI slot to provide independent serial channels.

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Modular DAQ Chassis and Modules

Modular DAQ Chassis and Modules

The iDAQ series comes with two types of chassis: the iDAQ-964 chassis with our AMAX series edge controllers and the iDAQ-934 chassis with USB connectivity.

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DAQ-embedded Computer

DAQ-embedded Computer DAQ Edge Gateways

The MIC-1810 series support easy integration and quick system development and are application-ready.

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DAQNavi Greatly Reduces Costs and Improves Performance

Advantech's next-generation driver package delivers higher performance, compatibility, and reliability

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Advantech Industrial IoT Systems and Devices Star Product Guide

A breakdown of industrial IoT solutions from Advantech

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Software Development Package for Advantech DAQ Products

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iDAQ Series: Modular DAQ System

A brand new modular data acquisition system—the iDAQ series with the chassis and I/O modules

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Advantech Industrial Measurement and Analysis Solutions

Advantech offers a complete range of DAQ devices with data acquisition, signal conditioning, transducers, and actuators for measuring a wide variety of physical phenomenon

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Intelligent Factory & Machine Automation

Industry 4.0 transformation is inevitable. The transition does not happen overnight but rather step-by-step. With 4 steps of machine automation, equipment connectivity, process visualization and predictive maintenance for achieving business transformation, Advantech provides value-added products and solutions helping customers to embrace Industry 4.0.

Devices Used for Machine Automation

Factory 4.0 improves flexibility and quality for manufacturers with digitalization of Factory OEE and Visualization Solutions as well as Factory Workflow. Solutions from Advantech deliver diverse integrated applications that monitor machine availability, production status, power consumption, and energy efficiency. These capabilities improve productivity, reduce loss, and increase profits.

EtherCAT solutions

Advantech offers unique SoftMotion kernel EtherCAT-based solutions with multiple I/O capabilities for distributed, deterministic motion control. Our innovative GigE Vision offload engine places field programmable gate arrays (FPGA), and Arm processors at the core of our computing platforms. We also provide versatile application ready platforms and software tools for motion control and machine vision.


OEE Solutions

Factory OEE and Visualization Solutions

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) solution realizes intelligent factory through data acquisition, aggregation, and analysis of machine availability to improve productivity, reduce loss, and increase profit.

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AMAX 4820 Ethercat Module

EtherCAT Motion Control Solutions

The wide selection of AMAX series EtherCAT motion control infrastructure modules support third party devices by extending the EtherCAT network.

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The New Wave of Industry 4.0

Advantech's industry focused magazine

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Advantech Machine Vision Solutions

An extensive selection of solutions to fulfill a wide range of machine vision applications

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Advantech’s new range of star products include several new models in the TPC, SPC, FPM and WebOP ranges, all of the TPC, SPC and FPM come with 16:9 wide screen & multi-touch, high-performance computing with dual-core technology, and true flat front IP66 certified touch screen design, making them more elegant and suitable for automotive production. The new WebOP with flat panel IP66 certified aluminum edging is the first Advantech RISC open platform to be given UL508 safety certification. The Thin-client panel computers combined with cloud computing technology make solutions more efficient, reduce the cost of production and provide factory workers with more intuitive management of the production line.

Advantech WOP-215K

Advantech offers a diverse range of general as well as domain-focused HMI products equipped with iDoor technology, including high performance control panels, industrial thin clients, web browser terminals, and industrial monitors. With both pre-configured and configurable models and sizes ranging from 12.1” to 23.8”.

WebAccess HMI viewed on various devices

WebAccess/HMI Designer is powerful yet intuitive software to create total solutions in many application fields for Human Machine Interface products. Easily integrated, this development tool features solution-oriented screen objects, high-end vector graphics, Windows fonts for multi-language applications, a recipe, alarms, a data logger and operation logging. WebAccess/HMI Designer also provides online/offline simulation and other utility programs such as Data Transfer Helper (DTH), recipe editor and text editor.


Modular Series Industrial Panel PCs

Modular Series Industrial Panel PCs

Advantech’s TPC series of modular panel PC solutions is based on three models. The modular design of this series allows them to be interchangeably combined with the display modules to provide flexible solutions.

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Industrial Thin Clients

Advantech's series of industrial thin client panels feature a compact, fanless, low-power consumption design that can be equipped with displays of varying size ranging from 3.5” to 21.5”, which supports both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios.

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Domain-Focused Panel PC

Domain-Focused Panel PC’s & All-in-One Control Panels

In industries like food and beverage or pharmaceuticals, equipment must regularly be sanitizated with high temperature/pressure water and other solutions. Systems with an IP66/IP69K rating are essential for providing protection from water and dust ingress.

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Touchscreen 10.1 inch Color

Web Browser Terminals & Operator's Panels

Advantech's WOP-200K series fulfill the diverse operations of automation markets, and are available with LCDs from 4.3” to 15”.

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Advantech Modular Panel Platform Series of TPC

Advantech's industry focused magazine

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Advantech Automation Panels

Infographic for Advantech automation panel

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Panel PC's

Advantech’s PPC (panel PC) product family offers highly scalable, economical solutions in a range of performance classes that support various display sizes to satisfy diverse equipment manufacturing and process automation applications. The all-in-one series features an optimized design, compact form factor, and industrial-grade specifications, such as rich I/O, flexible expansion slots, and a wide operating temperature range. Regarding the configurable series, these products are designed to be equipped with any mini-ITX motherboard according to price and functionality.

Advantech's Panel PC

Advantech's Panel PC product portfolio includes both all-in-one and customizable touchscreen pc series with multiple touch panel sizes and rich I/O expansion to meet industrial standards.


Advantech offers the PPC-3XXX-MART series of pre-configured, out-of-the box panel PC’s with popular light industrial configurations with size options 15.6”/18.5”21.5” and 23.8”. Configured with Win 10 LTSC and either intel® Core™ i5-6300U or the Intel® Pentium® N4200 processor, these models all provide high-performance computing in a compact and fanless system.


15.6 inch Panel PC

Pre-Configured Panel PC 11.6” - 15.6”

Industrial PC solutions provide features such as a fanless design to allow operation in a high-temperature environment with no moving parts that will eventually fail.

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PPC-30 Series

General/Light Industrial Panel PC’s

The PPC-30 Series is a high-value, ultra slim Panel PC with a TFT VGA LCD, low power Intel® Celeron® N2807 1.58GHz processor and an IP65 protected front panel and true-flat 5-wire resistive/multi touch screen.

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High Performance Panel PC

Configurable High Performance Panel PC’s 12”/15”/17”19”

The PPC-600 series is a panel PC chassis with TFT LED screen designed for a diverse range of Mini-ITX motherboards, and supports varied functionalities and price concerns.

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Advantech industrial monitors integrate the latest LCD and touchscreen technology to facilitate data visualization and increased productivity. With a variety of sizes and design features, you will find monitors appropriate for any industrial or semi-industrial environment. Choose from basic, rugged or domain-specific monitors designed for maximum performance in your environment.

New Generation of Industrial Monitors

Advantech’s rugged monitors are built to withstand operation in industrial environments, extreme temperatures, and exposure to corrosive substances. IP65/66 rated with a hardened anodized front bezel & SS rear cover, these monitors also support rack, wall, panel, desktop and VESA arm mounting.

Environmental protections of Advantech industrial monitors

The domain-focused monitors feature industry-specific design features, such as stainless steel for food & beverage and pharmaceutical applications. With Resistive Touch Control, Direct VGA, DP Ports, and 304 Stainless Steel Front Bezel.


15 inch XGA Industrial Monitor

Semi-Industrial Monitors 12”/15”/15.6”17”/19”

The FPM-200/200W and FPM-100W series semi-industrial monitors are designed to provide rugged, high-quality display solutions at an affordable price

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Capacitive Graphic LCD Display

General Industrial Monitors 6.5”/12”/15”/6”/18.5”/21.5”

Featuring PCAP or resistive touch control, the FPM-5000 and FPM-7000 series have a wide range of size options from 6.5" to 21.5".

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FPM-3000 Monitor

Rugged Industrial Monitor 12”/15”/17”/19”

Designed to operate effectively in extreme environments the FPM-3000 series are available in various sizes, display standards, and ports.

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Resistive Graphic LCD Display Module

Domain Focused Monitors 15”/17”

Advantech’s IP-66 rated FPM-800 series prevent dust and water intrusion, making these monitors reliable in hazardous and hygiene-demanding environments.

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Advantech Industrial IoT Systems and Devices Star Product Guide

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Embedded Automation PC

To meet the needs of Industry 4.0, UNO series embedded automation box PCs are ideal for edge computing, bridging the gap between IT and OT. The UNO series serve as flexible IoT gateways coming in different sizes and versatile mountings. Plus, they also support Advantech iDoor Technology which gives them the flexibility to configure various I/O requirements, including wireless communication, industrial I/O and peripherals, and industrial fieldbus protocols, based on different applications.

UNO-2000 Series Box PCs

The UNO-2000 series is a standmount, fanless embedded box pc for automation control, serving as a pc controller with a wide range of CPU selections and multiple mounting methods. The UNO-2000 series implements concepts including universality, customization and domain specific requirements into a modular design package that provides flexibility and time-to-market support in variety of applications. From units that fit in the palm of your hand, to regular sized, high performance PCs, the UNO-2000 series is remarkably versatile.

iDoor technology with various ports

Advantech’s iDoor Technology gives you the flexibility to configure various I/O requirements, including wireless communication, industrial I/O and peripherals, and industrial fieldbus protocols, based on different applications.



DIN-Rail Automation Computers

Advantech’s C1D2 and DIN rail approved automation computers are perfect for industrial automation.

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Modular Box PCs Pocket-Size/Small-Size/Regular-Size

Pocket-Size, Small-Size, & Regular-Size text - Advantech’s UNO series products are box platforms that feature a modularized design and are available with options for single stack or stack-up version. These platforms offer high flexibility and time-to-market support for a variety of applications. The single-stack UNO model provides basic functionality while enabling further expansion capability.

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UNO-430 Modular PC

Domain Focused Modular PCs

The edge gateway helps to connect OT and IT seamlessly. With diverse edge computing functions, the gateway plays an important role in multiple IoT applications, such as protocol converter, data collector, or data logger.

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iDoor Modules

iDoor Modules and Peripherals

Advantech's iDoor Technology utilizes mini PCIe format allowing flexibility for I/O expansion. The various I/O expansion modules include Fieldbus protocol, smart sensor, communication, and memory.

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Modular Box Platforms

Learn about the flexible and expandable features of Advantech's new UNO-2000 series are based on a new modular form factor

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Advantech Industrial IoT Systems and Devices Star Product Guide

A breakdown of industrial IoT solutions from Advantech

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