TOS-100 V1.1: Stepper Arduino Shield 1.7A/Phase @ 9 ~ 40V


The TOS-100 is an Arduino compatible Shield capable of driving one stepper motor up to to 1.7A that utilizes the Trinamic Motion Control TMC260 motor driver chip. For added compatibility with other arduino shields, the TOS-100 allows you to choose nearly any pin for any signal.

All control pins of the TMC260, which are not defined by the Arduino standard (e.g. the SPI connection) is not connected on the TOS-100 shield to give you greater flexibility to suit the shield to your application. The configurable pins are located on the left side of the shield.

To connect any pin of the TMC260 you can use the holes next to the Arduino headers. In the above picture theTMC260 pins are soldered with sockets and cables are used for an on-the-fly wiring.

The option to use headers may be the best way if you want to use the shield as an experimental shield in various configurations. If you want to use the shield permanently in one of your project it may be easiest to connect the pins with wires soldered in.


Manufacturer Trinamic Motion Control GmbH
Category Motor Control
Eval Board Part Number 1460-1037-ND
Eval Board Supplier Trinamic Motion Control GmbH
Eval Board Normally In Stock
Voltage In 9 ~ 40 V
Number of Motors and Type 1, Stepper Motor, BiPolar
1, Stepper Motor, UniPolar
Power / Current Out 1.7 A
Features GUI / Design Software
MCU Controlled
Shutdown, Enable, Standby
SPI Interface
Stall Detection
Component Count + Extras 42 + 5
Application / Target Market CNC Machine
Printer, Plotter
Security IP Camera
Design Author TRINAMIC
Main I.C. Base Part TMC260
Date Created By Author 2014-02
Date Added To Library 2020-03

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