TDK FS1412 microPOL DCconverter

TDK’s new 25W uPOL™ complete power module solutions for high-density applications.

TDK MiniCell Video

MiniCell™ - Learn how to mount and design in TDK’s differential pressure transmitters in this 3-minute video. The compact pressure transmitters offer two pressure ports of G 1/8" size and an M12 plug for the electrical connection.

TDK Haptic Feedback Products Overview

PowerHap™ piezo actuators allow for a customizable high-definition active haptic experience with very fast response and unlimited bandwidth. Discover the benefits of TDK’s compact piezo devices that are ideally suited for smartphones and tablets.

Large-capacitance, Thin Supercapacitors (EDLC)

TDK's large-capacity, thin supercapacitors expand the possibilities of application development. They support applications like instantaneous peak power assist, backup power during power outages, and output stabilization.

InvenSense Digital MEMS Microphones Explainer T5815 and T3902

InvenSense’s digital microphone portfolios build on a strong heritage of industry firsts, including continuous improvement of MEMS microphone SNR, ever-higher integration levels, and even lower power consumption.

Distributed Air Gap Cores Product Presentation

TDK brings to the market a highly automated product process and standardized product line-up to meet today's demanding applications.

Ferrite Cores with Distributed Air Gaps Product

Optimize efficiency and thermal performance of your magnetic designs with distributed gapped cores.

TDK FAQs - Common Mode vs Differential Mode

What's the difference between common mode noise and differential mode noise?

TDK FAQs - Inductor Q Value

What is the Q Factor of an Inductor?

TDK FAQs - Measuring Insulation Resistance of a Capacitor

How can I measure a capacitor's insulation resistance?

TDK FAQs - MLCC Allowable Ripple Current

What is the allowable ripple current of capacitors?

TDK’s Ultra-small µPOL DC-DC Power Converter

TDK micro-POL DC-DC power module introduction and new fast design tools on Ultra Librarian for symbols, schematics and layouts files.

ERU Chokes – SMT Flat Wire High Current Inductors

The EPCOS brand ERU series adds a number of innovations to their existing portfolio, including a new double E core construction and a reduced footprint.

AVRF ESD Notch Filters Overview

TDK's AVRF series ESD notch filters provide electrostatic discharge protection and noise suppression in a single component and are designed for use in various types of audio line applications.

uPOL™ Technology Overview

TDK Corporation presents an overview on their new state of the art DC/DC converter - uPOL™.

uPOL™ Technology - Power for 5W to 150W Systems

TDK Corporation presents the advantages and ease of design of the uPOL™ power module.

Chip NTC Thermistors Designed for Conductive Adhesion Mounting

TDK Corporation provides an overview of the NTCSP series - new chip NTC thermistors designed for temperature measurement and compensation applications where soldering may be difficult.

Vibration That Can Be Felt

TDK Corporation provides a demonstration of the PiezoHapt™ Haptic Feedback Actuator.

PiezoHapt™ Actuator with Haptic Feedback

TDK Corporation provides an overview of PiezoHapt™ actuators with haptic feedback.

ESD Notch Filter Demonstration

Noise and electrostatic protection measures using TDK's AVRF series ESD Notch Filters.