Octave™, The All-in-One Edge-to-Cloud Solution for Connecting Industrial Assets

Octave, Sierra Wireless' new all-in-one platform, allows you to accelerate your data-driven transformation, supercharging your analytics while controlling the tsunami of data.

What is Octave™?, Developer Session May 6th, 2021

OctaveTM is Sierra Wireless’ all in one solution for industrial IoT. This video is a good introduction to Octave concepts that is targeted at developers and covers high level topics from getting started to production.

Talon Communications and SolidRun New Product Discoveries Episode 20

The MangOH Red allows you to evaluate different modems and develop an IoT application. The second item is a Single Board Computer (SBC) from SolidRun called the CuBox. It is available in 1 to 4 cores with a variety of secondary options available .

IoT open source hardware platform, mangOH™ Red

mangOH™ Red is a new category of open source hardware platform designed for low-power IoT use-cases in a smaller, lower-cost form factor.

Talon Communications mangOH - Embedded World 2018

Randall Restle talks about the mangOH platform from Talon Communications and Sierra Wireless.