Parking Assistance Demo Using SJA1124 Quad LIN Transceiver

In this parking assistance demo, four SJA1124 transceivers are served as LIN commanders in control of many bumper sensors and LEDs. SJA1124 is an efficient and cost-saving option for applications where numerous LIN channels are needed.

i.MX RT1160 | Datasheet Preview

NXP’s i.MX RT series of crossover processors are designed to support next-generation IoT applications.

5G Wireless Infrastructure for a Connected World

NXP's 5G mMIMO, mmWave, and macro solutions are key building blocks for high data rates, low latency networks and always on connected devices that will make numerous use cases possible. Take the next leap in connectivity with 5G enabled by NXP.

NXP Power Management ICs | Digi-Key Daily

NXP offers power management integrated circuits (PMICs) for various families of their i.MX applications processors to optimize power efficiency and software/hardware integration.

NXP i.MX RT Series – Bridging the gap between applications processors and microcontrollers l First Look Series

The i.MX RT Series from NXP is based on an Arm Cortex-M core with real-time operation, and is the industry’s first crossover processor. The series boasts integration improvements and an increase in performance.

NXP i.MX 7ULP | Digi-Key Daily

The i.MX 7ULP family of processors represents NXP's achievement in ultra-low-power processing for use cases demanding long battery life.

NFC for Consumables and Accessories Webinar

Using NFC helps to ensure that only genuine parts are being used and allows to make adjustments of device settings according to part manufacturer, type and end user preferences.

Introducing FRWY-LS1046A platform: your on-ramp to accelerate your edge computing projects

The QorIQ FRWY-LS1046A provides a flexible, small form factor and low-cost platform to evaluate a variety of different applications including AI/ML with facial recognition, industrial safety as well as data analytics and other computing applications.

i.MX RT Saves the Day

Learn how the i.MX RT crossover processors based on the Arm® Cortex®-M7 core help designers solve common engineering challenges.

Time Sensitive Networking with the Layerscape LS1028A

TSN provides a Single, Reliable, Ethernet-based network with determinism and higher bandwidth, allowing your industrial manufacturing network to scale on demand.

NXP Smart Charging Solutions | Digi-Key Daily

NXP's smart charging solution consists of a primary side flyback QR (quasi-resonant) controller, a secondary side SR (synchronous rectifier) controller, and a protocol controller.

NXP Smart Charging

NXP® provides total USB Type-C AC-DC solutions with higher Power density, security, and safety with leading technologies that enable time to market, solving application challenges and complying to key global Power regulations.

NXP Brings Standard Packages to RF Power

Ease of use and design re-use across frequencies have not traditionally been associated with RF power solutions—until now. NXP RF power introduces two new power blocks that promise to become a new standard for years to come.

Introducing QorIQ Layerscape® LS1012A development board, FRWY-LS1012A

The Layerscape® FRWY-LS1012A board is an ultra-low-cost development platform for LS1012A Series Communication Processors built on Arm® Cortex®-A53.

Overview of QorIQ Layerscape® LS1012A development board, FRWY-LS1012A with Manya Rastogi

Manya Rastogi from NXP explains more in detail about QorIQ Layerscape® LS1012A development board.

The new NXP Rapid IoT prototyping kit: easy as 1-2-3

Learn the three simples steps to take your IoT idea to proof-of-concept

The new Rapid IoT prototyping kit from NXP

An introduction to the Rapid IoT prototyping kit from NXP

NXP LPC51U68 MCU | Digi-Key Daily

NXP’s LPC51U68 MCUs features added performance, expanded memory resources and flexible serial port configuration, including USB connectivity, bringing unparalleled design flexibility, computing performance and integration into the demanding IoT.

MRF13750H – High Power Solid-State RF Energy

Learn about NXP’s MRF13750H RF transistor, which is ideal for industrial heating/drying, curing, and material welding.

NXP Rapid IoT Prototyping Kit | Digi-Key Daily

NXP’s Rapid IoT prototyping kit is a comprehensive, secure, and power-optimized IoT end-node solution with a user-friendly development environment that enables users to quickly take their idea to a proof-of-concept.