GNSS Ceramic Antennas | First Look

TE Connectivity’s GNSS antennas comprise all common global satellite services such as GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO and BeiDou.

TE Connectivity Dynamic Series Signal and Power Connectors

Dynamic Series is a broad product family that delivers connector solutions ranging from signal level circuitry through power circuit connectivity in a ruggedized, industrialized package.

Wireless Solutions for IoT

In this episode, Felisa Chuang, Product Manager RF Solutions, will discuss component of wireless technologies and the role they play in IoT market.

TE Connectivity and ERNI

Since ERNI and TE Connectivity have joined forces, you can expect even more from us. Our common goal is to try and make everything easier for you in the future. We can support you during the implementation of challenging tasks.

MaxiBridge connectors - for highly stressed connections

The MaxiBridge connector system is a single- and double-row cable connector system with a pitch of 2.54 millimeters. It has a high current rating of up to 12 A per contact and is ideal for space-saving, highly stressed connections.

iBridge Ultra family of Cable-to-Board connectors

ERNI presents the new iBridge Ultra connector family, adding to its extensive offering of Cable-to-Board solutions. The 2.0mm pitch connectors are designed to provide compact and reliable connection that will withstand high vibration.

MicroBridge cable-to-board connector for the automotive industry

ERNI is expanding its successful MiniBridge (1.27 mm pitch) and MaxiBridge (2.54 mm) cable-to-board connector families with the single-row MicroBridge family in a 1.27 mm pitch

MicroBridge Electrical CPA (Connector Position Assurance)

The electrical CPA enables the testing of a secure contact between female and male connector already during the mating process.

MicroSpeed connectors - outstanding signal integrity for high data rates

The MicroSpeed connector system is for high data transmission rates. Thanks to outstanding signal integrity, data rates up to 25 Gbit/s can be realized. The space-saving, interference-proof connectors are maximally electromagnetically safe.


ERNI’s MiniBridge offers a very high level of mating reliability. The connector avoids damage of the male contacts even in case of improper skewed insertion.

SMC - Small Multiple Connector

SMC - Small Multiple Connector - offers high contact density for a small space requirement.

MicroCon - miniaturized, double row Finepitch connectors

ERNI continues the success story of robust SMD connectors with the MicroCon series. These are miniaturized double-row Finepitch connectors with a grid dimension of 0.8 millimeters and available with different numbers of poles from 12 to 100.

Taking Commercial Drone Reliability to New Heights

Commercial drone usage continues to grow steadily across a range of markets. Design engineers need to invest in reliable and durable solutions in order to ensure safe and connected applications.

CPC Off-the-Shelf (OTS) Cable Assemblies | Datasheet Preview

TE Connectivity's circular plastic connector off-the-shelf connectors allow customers to quickly and easily build and test prototypes over a range of different applications.

RTD Platinum Thin-Film | Datasheet Preview

TE Connectivity’s RTD platinum thin-film elements provide accurate and stable temperature sensing in demanding applications that require fast and reliable feedback.

Float Sensors/Liquid Level Sensors | Datasheet Preview

TE connectivity’s float and liquid level sensors deliver an extended product life of over 10 million cycles, a high electrical load capacity, low contact resistance, and UL ratings for reliability in a wide array of applications.

SSRMP Series Solid-State Relays | First Look

TE Connectivity is now introducing their Potter & Brumfield Solid State Relays (SSR) that are ideal for silent, fast switching with a long electrical life. 3 The SSRMP model adds a panel mount option to the SSR range of products.

TE Connectivity’s Liquid Level Switches

TE offers a range of rugged and reliable liquid level switches. These switches are ideal for industrial liquid level monitoring. They come in a range of mounting configurations to ensure a perfect fit in your application.

830M1 Embedded Triaxial Accelerometer

TE’s 830M1 accelerometer provides critical sensing abilities that are desired in health monitoring applications. The 830M1 has a wide bandwidth (up to 15kHz) and small size/low profile ideal for space sensitive designs.

TSYS03 Digital Temperature Sensor

TE Connectivity’s TSY303 temp sensors provide high accuracy data in a miniature package to maximize your board space. Low operating and sleep current draw make these sensors ideal for mobile and battery applications.