X1005245-LSA3SA10A2 | Datasheet Preview

Ethertronics’ new X1005245 GNSS active, LTE MIMO, 3-in-1 external antennas deliver on the needs of device designers for higher functionality and performance. These antennas eliminate design fees and cycle time associated with a custom solution, getting products to market faster. They support a wide range of applications in the GNSS 1561, 1575, and 1602 megahertz bands and the LTE 1 and 2 bands. By optimizing antenna size, performance and emissions, customer and regulatory specifications can be met. The waterproof antenna is composed of an ABS plastic housing material and is connected via three 1 meter long coaxial cables terminated with male SMA connectors. The GNSS and LTE external antenna has an integrated low noise amplifier and offers a maximum VSWR of 2 to 1 and a peak gain up to 4.2 dBi.

10/18/2021 3:37:02 PM

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ANTENNA GNSS / LTE MIMOX1005245-LSA3SA10A2ANTENNA GNSS / LTE MIMO61 - ImmédiatementAfficher les détails