- Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd Corporation is the largest provider of thermal management solutions and engineering services in the world. For decades, Aavid has consistently brought the most innovative cooling technologies to market while also improving the efficiency and availability of traditional thermal management solutions. With hundreds of engineers in design and manufacturing facilities across the globe, Aavid's experience and expertise combined with their dedication to unique problem solving, allows them to meet the most demanding requirements and resolve any thermal challenge.

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High-Performance O-Rings

Aavid’s high-performance o-rings, which come in eight popular compounds, are a critical component in dynamic and static assemblies in every industry. En savoir plus

Dissipateurs thermiques à montage en surface

Les dissipateurs thermiques à montage en surface d'Aavid, en boîtiers D-PAK, D2PAK, D3PAK et SO-10, sont adaptés pour les dispositifs à semi-conducteurs de puissance CMS. En savoir plus

Refroidisseurs LED SynJet®

La technologie de refroidissement SynJet d'Aavid Thermalloy offre l'une des solutions de gestion thermique les plus fiables. En savoir plus

Dissipateurs thermiques extrudés

Aavid propose une sélection de dissipateurs thermiques extrudés dans plus de 5 000 formes ouvragées. En savoir plus

Plaques de refroidissement par liquide à tube Hi-Contact™

Les plaques de refroidissement par liquide à tube Hi-Contact™ 2, 4 et 6 passages d'Aavid Thermalloy sont économiques et comportent des joints sans fuites hautes performances. En savoir plus

Dissipateurs thermiques coulissants

Les dissipateurs thermiques d'Aavid Thermalloy ne requièrent pas de matériel de montage car ils s'emboîtent par glissement sur le dispositif nécessitant le refroidissement. En savoir plus

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Max Clip Series Date de publication : 2016-08-22

Overview of the Max Clip system of heat sinks, clips, and solder pins, used to optimize thermal management of power transistors

Duration: 5 minutes
How to Select a Heat Sink Date de publication : 2012-08-17

A step-by-step guide describing how to identify and select the correct heat sink for applications, along with selection examples from Aavid Thermalloy.

Duration: 5 minutes
Synjet® Coolers for Use in LED Lighting Date de publication : 2011-08-09

Nuventix SynJet Coolers are a high reliability air mover that last longer than the LEDs that they cool.

Duration: 10 minutes

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Myths About Heat Pipes

Aavid discusses heat pipes and common misunderstandings about how they work and their applications.

Thermal Interface Material

Thermal interface materials available through Aavid cover the full array of material needs including thermal pads and films, hardware, and phase change materials.

Heat Pipe Technology Explained

Heat pipes are a commonly used capillary-driven passive technology of two-phase thermal systems. Two-phase heat transfer involves the liquid-vapor phase change (boiling/evaporation and condensation) of a working fluid.

Metal Rod vs. Heat Pipe

Using a thermal camera Aavid showcases the thermal conductivity of a heat pipe versus a plain copper rod. On the left is the metal rod, on the right is an Aavid heat pipe.

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