RN-171 Wireless Network Module

Wireless network modules with small form factor and extremely low power consumption from Roving Networks

Roving Networks' RN-171 Wireless Network ModuleRoving Networks' RN-171 module is a standalone complete TCP/IP wireless networking module. Due to its small form factor and extremely low power consumption, the RN-171 is perfect for mobile wireless applications such as asset monitoring, sensors and portable battery operated devices. It incorporates a 2.4 GHz radio, 32 bit SPARC processor, TCP/IP stack, real-time clock, crypto accelerator, power management and analog sensor interfaces. This module is preloaded with firmware to simplify integration and minimizes development of an application. In the simplest configuration the hardware only requires four connections (PWR, TX, RX and GND) to create a wireless data connection.

Additionally, the analog sensor inputs can be used to interface a variety of sensors such as temperature, audio, motion, and acceleration. The ability to go into deep sleep mode and automatically scan and associate to an AP when awake makes the RN-171 suitable for roaming applications. The RN-171 also includes a built in HTML client to automatically post serial UART data or sensor data to a web server.


  • FCC/CE/IC certified 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.11b/g transceiver
  • Configurable transmit power: 0 dBm to 12 dBm
  • Real-time clock for wakeup and time stamping
  • Accepts 3.3 V regulated power supply or 3 V battery
  • Certified antennas: Chip antenna, 4" Dipole, PCB trace and wire antenna
  • High throughput - 921 Kbps TX, 500 Kbps RX data rate with TCP/IP and WPA2 over UART, 2 to 3 Mbps over SPI
  • 8 Mbit flash memory and 128 KB RAM
  • 10 general purpose digital I/O
  • Eight analog sensor interfaces
  • Small form factor: 1050 x 700 x 130 mil
  • RF pad connector for antennas
  • Supports Adhoc and infrastructure networks
  • On board complete TCP/IP networking stack
  • Environmentally friendly- RoHS compliant


  • Remote monitoring
  • Industrial sensors and controls
  • Telemetry
  • Home automation


RN-171 Wireless Network Module

ImageRéférence fabricantDescriptionConditionnementGamme RF/StandardProtocoleQuantité disponibleAfficher les détails
RF TXRX MODULE WIFIRN171-I/RMRF TXRX MODULE WIFIPlateauWiFi802,11b/g1082 - ImmédiatementAfficher les détails
Date de publication : 2012-08-19