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Aerospace and Defense
– Flight Data Recorder Box
– Satellite
– Radar
– Missile Systems
Industrial Electronics
– Robotics
Flight Data Recorder Box
Features and Benefits
Wide temperature range (-65 to
+200°C), durable and flexible FEP
(Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene)
dielectric insulation material
Withstands soldering terminations
as well as sub-arctic environments.
Facilitates agile movement and
abrasion resistance. More robust
and durable than PVC and TPE
Extruded cable Encapsulates each conductor with
insulation and will not delaminate
Pitch tolerance (control) to
+/- 0.05mm (0.002")
Ensures compatibility with a wide
range of Insulation Displacement
Termination/Connectors (IDTs/IDCs)
Ribbonized cable Delivers IDT/IDC press-fit
terminations for efficiency and cost
Variety of conductor sizes (32 to
16 AWG), materials (bare copper,
silver-plated copper and high-
strength alloy) and pitches
Enables customization based on
application requirements (current,
voltage, space restrictions, tensile
strength, flexibility and flex life)
Chemical resistant Withstands acids, alcohols,
aldehydes, bases, esters,
hydrocarbons (aliphatic, aromatic,
and halogenated), ketones and
oxidizing agents
Hand-tool sliceable Provides flexibility in conductor
count to meet multiple application
Low-loss dielectric constant
(permittivity) (2.1)
Ensures optimum signal
transmission with minimum loss
Withstanding high-temperatures and chemical exposures,
rugged yet flexible MIL-Spec approved Temp-Flex® FEP
Flat Ribbon Cables are ideal for aircraft avionics and harsh
industrial applications
Temp-Flex FEP Commercial Flat-Ribbon
Temp-Flex FEP MIL-Spec Approved Flat-
Ribbon Cable
Temp-Flex® FEP
Flat-Ribbon Cable
Commercial FEP Flat-Ribbon
Cable, MIL-Spec Approved FEP
Flat-Ribbon Cable
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Commercial FEP Flat-Ribbon Cable
MIL-Spec Approved FEP Flat-Ribbon Cable
Ordering Information
Reference Information
Packaging: 30.48m (100 ft.) spool
±10% 2 lengths maximum with
3.05m (10 ft.) minimum length
UL File No.: E61522, Styles: 20424,
Mates With: Picoflex®, C-Grid®,
SL™, KK®, Mini Mi II™, EBBI™ 50D
Designed In: Millimeters (Inches)
RoHS: Yes
Halogen Free: No
Temp-Flex® FEP
Flat-Ribbon Cable
Conductor: 32 to 16 AWG (Solid
or Stranded; Bare Copper,
Silver-Plated Copper, High-Strength
Insulation Material: FEP
Pitch: Dependent on specific part
Pitch Range: 0.32 to 2.54mm
(0.0125 to 0.10")
Pitch Tolerance: 0.05mm (0.002")
Maximum Width: 82.55mm (3.25")
Voltage (max.): 300V AC (typical)
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage:
>2500V AC
Insulation Resistance:
>500 Megohms
Bend (±90°) Flex Life: Dependent on
specific part number
Rolling Flex Life: Dependent on
specific part number
Weight: Dependent on specific part
Fire Resistance: UL94 V-O
Flammability Test: VW1
Operating Temperature:
-65 to +200°C