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Model 6343
Basic Electronic Test Lead Kit
USA: Sales: 800-490-2361
Technical Support: technicalsupport@pomonatest.com
Fax: 425-446-5844
Europe: 31-(0) 40 2675 150 International: 425-446-5500
Where to Buy: www.pomonaelectronics.com
All dimensions are in inches. Tolerances (except noted): .xx = ±.02” (,51 mm),
.xxx = ± .005” (,127 mm). All specifications are to the latest revisions.
Specifications are subject to change without notice. Registered trademarks are
the property of their respective companies.
Copyright © 2012 D1094644 Rev. 100 Page 1 of 1
Test accessories comply with IEC 61010-031.
Test probes with a right-angle banana plug are ideal for
use with hand held digital multimeter.
Extended slide on tip adapter fits directly over probe,
allowing testing of hard to reach test points.
Wear indication with double insulated (dual extruded)
silicone leads shows white inner layer for increased
Compatible with most Fluke, H.P., Tektronic & Wavetek
digital multimeters.
Model 5519A: Replacement Probes with Test Leads for Sheathed Style DMM's: Probe Body: Outer Insulation -
Santoprene® Rubber, Color: Gray, Inner Insulation Polypropylene, Fire Retardant Color: One Black, One Red, Tip:
Nickel plated brass, Wire: 18 AWG, 192 x 41 bare copper, Silicone Insulation, O.D. 0.144” (3,66mm), Length: 48”
(122cm), Banana Plug: Body Brass, Nickel Plated, Spring Beryllium Copper, Nickel Plated, Insulation PVC, Color:
One Black, One Red. RATINGS: IEC 61010-031, CAT III 1000 V (with protective cap), CAT II 1000 V (without protective
cap). Current: 10 Amperes.
Model 6264: Alligator Clip Adapter, Body Steel, Nickel Plated, Insulation - Polypropylene
Spring: Music Wire, RATINGS: IEC 61010-031, Category II, 300 VRMS/DC, Current: 5 Amperes.
Model 6262: Extended Tip Adapter, Body: Polypropylene, Tip: Stainless Steel, Insulation: Kynar.
RATINGS: IEC 61010-031, Category II, 300 VRMS/DC, Current: 3 Amperes.
ORDERING INFORMATION: Model 6343 (Includes a kit of items from above)
Replacement P/N's:
Model 6264: Probe Adapter Alligator Tip
Model 6262: Probe Adapter Extended Fine Tip
Model 5519A: Probe to Right Angle DMM Plug

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