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Model 5901B
Electronic Bench DMM Test Lead Kit
For data sheets / specifications of the kit individual components, visit the Pomona web site at:
Flexible test leads feature high strand count silicone wire
for extreme flexibility and high temperature resistance.
Wear indication with double insulated (dual extruded)
silicone leads shows white inner layer for increased
Banana plugs are molded directly to the wire for superior
pull strength.
Probes, alligator clips and spade lug and test clip fit
directly onto test leads for test versatility.
Interchangeable test probe tips allow for test versatility
from general purpose to SMD applications.
Test accessories conveniently stored in the tri-fold nylon
Compatible with most multimeters that accept safety style sheath banana plugs.
CE Compliant; complies with IEC 61010-031 standard for hand held accessories.