Fiche technique pour CFX5 Drawing de Panduit Corp

f THIS COPV IS PROVIDED ON A RESTRICTED BASIS AND IS NOT TO BE USED IN ANV WAV DETRIMENTAL TO THE INTERESTS OF PANDUIT CORP. PPAAR'TD UNIOT. WE I GHT .5 LE/IOO ch 1-00 & CFXS (249 9/100 PCS] [25.4] NOTES: 1. SEE CURRENT CATALOG FOR ADDITIONAL PART NUMBER SUFFIXES TO INDICATE COLOR AND OR PACKAGE QUANTITY. Ag 2. THIS PRODUCT IS INTENDED TO BE USED WITH PANDUIT TYPE LDS AND LDF’S RACEWAY. 3. NOMINAL WALL THICKNESSES: .055 I 1.41. 4. DIMENSIONS IN PARENTHESIS ARE IN METRIC. 1.11 *.84 A [28.2] [16.3] 0350 1 ZBJ-LD_CFX5_03 . PRT PA N D U I T mm... M... COUPLER FITTING COVER ICFXS) 3 Dz-IsvaIEF HERD F. REMOVED ch FROM NOTE 2 3501241: mac Reno CUSTOMER DRAWING E. mm: 2 Ms LDZFS. -- ~~~~~~ a. com... v.5... 5...... 2. mm... 7777777 gr;g§,gm§fi:gf§.§:§gy;§g; wuss mm sic-nan ALL ancients w my 2 urwnle H”: c. REVISED MATERIAL WAS PVC. asoxz-IO HIw HIw 11$, :03 be, “$2; {ms ' "1 m was. mmmmmum aI ADDED LDSS m um: .21 m... . m 1 09-23-96 JBA CEF A. REV‘D FIN: ms CF55. 350|Z'IO CEF CEF [M an L. NONE a us-M-u uw cEF RELEASED To PRODUCTION 35012710 CEF 03.04.95 ABS/PC ”m.” " m... C 35012710 A REV on: av cm DESERIFYIDN ECN ch CUST sup CE; mi