Fiche technique pour 74 Z-0-0-21

HUBER+SUHNER® DATA SHEET In" Torque wrench: 74_Z-0-0-21 Description Torque wrench (standard style) for SMA connectors a Technical Data Torque 1 Nm Width across flats 8 mm Weight 95 9 Material Handle bar brass / nickel plated Spanner Steel / black finished & nardened Related Documents Outline drawing DOU700012024 Order as 74_Z70e0721 slngle 2002/95/EC (RoHS) compliant Note: For a tee tnere is an inspection certificate based on EN10204 avallable Important! When an inspection cerllflcate is requested it has to be mentioned on the order lt can not he lssued afler dellveryl I‘Lll‘uunamsumlin m HuaERvsuHNER gratin lscenlfied mom in :0 iso 9001 m lSD 1mm HUBER+SUHNER AG Mimi RF Industrlal lt isexeitmii in wnnen agreeme'ttsthmwe plume ou' custan‘ers Win wmm and mo Hellsau. Switzerland rep'ese'ttahansastnthe\scnrlcalspeclllcafionsind/urtnetltness‘oranypi'tlclllal mm m Phone “ti (0)71 353 M ii life'iiemléfiéimflfifl :Lepzigurimmieu ,dthe best at nurknwleflwe‘ butlIiEVale Fax ‘4‘ (Wt 353 45 90 WWW nubersunner cam HUBER4SUHNER — Excellence in Connectivity Solutions Document 7417070721 ReVision Kou lssued ti 05 2012 Uncontrolled Copy Pagel/l
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