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Digi International WR54 Cellular Router | Digi-Key Daily

WR54 Dual-SIM cellular rugged routers for transportation applications from Digi International employ Gobi LTE Advance technology allowing use on major networks.

VOT8026A/VOT8123A Series Optocouplers Date de publication : 2019-03-26

Vishay’s VOT8026A and VOT8123A series optocouplers offer high off-state voltage of 800 V and static dv/dt of 1,000 V/µs in compact DIP-6 and SMD-6 packages.

Kit de développement nRF52840-DK pour SoC nRF52840 Date de publication : 2017-04-04

Le nRF52840-DK est un kit de développement polyvalent monocarte de Nordic Semiconductor, conçu pour Bluetooth 5.

2019 Corporate Profile

2019 Corporate Profile

T3DSO2000 Series Oscilloscopes Date de publication : 2019-03-26

Teledyne LeCroy's T3DSO2000 family of oscilloscopes feature two- and four-channel models with analog bandwidth options from 100 MHz to 300 MHz.

A Tale of Two Hardware Security Solutions for IoT Designs

Secure IoT designs with Microchip’s ATECC608A secure element, already endorsed by Google and Amazon AWS.

Use a Multicore Processor to Build Low-Power Media-Rich Smart Products Date de publication : 2019-03-26

Use the NXP i.MX 8M Mini family with its 14 nm FinFET process for high performance applications and real-time embedded processing for smart products.

On-Line Catalog

On-Line Catalog

NCP71x Family of Low Dropout Linear Voltage Regulators Date de publication : 2019-03-26

ON Semi's NCP71x family of linear voltage regulators are stable and accurate devices with ultra-low ground current consumption and a wide input voltage range.

ST25R95 NFC/HF RFID Reader IC Date de publication : 2019-03-26

STMicro's ST25R95 manages frame coding and decoding in Reader and card emulation modes for standard applications such as NFC, proximity, and vicinity standards.

How to assemble a shielded M12 Push-In field-wired connector

This video demonstrates how to assemble shielded M12 circular connectors easily with fast and secure Push-in Technology.

Getting Started with the MAX41460 RF Transmitter

Marty uses the MAX41460EVKIT, its software, and a spectrum analyzer to demonstrate how to view and control the MAX41460 RF transmitter input/output frequency responses.

Powering Up the MAX41464 300MHz–960MHz ASK (G)FSK Transmitter

Marty demonstrates the MAX41464EVKIT and its evaluation software by producing an FSK output spectrum driven by the software at an adjustable 868.3MHz rate. He also shows the MAX41464 in a stand-alone configuration driven by a signal generator.

KEMET Piezoelectric Actuators | Digi-Key Daily

Multilayer piezoelectric actuators from KEMET are produced based on a unique element structure design and piezoelectric ceramic materials with high electrostrictive factors.

Diodes TVS (suppression des tensions transitoires) série SM8SF-Q Date de publication : 2019-03-25

La série SM8SF-Q de diodes TVS de Bourns convient parfaitement à la protection des composants électroniques sensibles contre les surtensions transitoires générées par l'éclairage et la commutation de charge inductive.

Circuits d'attaque LED série ELG-100U Date de publication : 2019-03-25

La série ELG-100U de circuits d'attaque LED de MEAN WELL peut fonctionner à pleine puissance sur une plage d'entrée universelle, tout en maintenant un rapport qualité/prix élevé.

Portable Power Distribution Box Data Sheet

Molex's datasheet for their portable power distribution box.

MPS Power Module Cutaway Power Modules

MPS DC-DC modules integrate the maximum number of components in a single package while still providing comprehensive flexibility for the designer

Date de publication : 2019-03-25
Ventilateurs à commutation électronique (EC) Date de publication : 2019-03-25

Les ventilateurs basse consommation de Mechatronics offrent le rendement d'un ventilateur CC avec la simplicité de connexion à une alimentation CA.

PA-800 Series Pressure Transducers with AMP Date de publication : 2019-03-25

Nidec Copal's PA-800 series pressure transducers are built for use in applications using corrosive fluids.

Inductances de puissance extra-plates et à fort courant séries ASPI et ASMP Date de publication : 2019-03-25

Plusieurs séries d'inductances de puissance nouvelle génération d'Abracon sont optimisées pour un large éventail d'applications, de puissance faible à élevée.

Running Python Programs on startup using the Raspberry PI

How to run Python programs on the RPI, Raspberry PI on startup.

NXP Smart Charging

NXP® provides total USB Type-C AC-DC solutions with higher Power density, security, and safety with leading technologies that enable time to market, solving application challenges and complying to key global Power regulations.

Abracon Tiny But Mighty

Abracon announces the Tiny but Mighty™ themed video that showcases the best solutions for space constrained applications.

The History of Quartz & It's use as a High-Quality Resonator: ECS Inc. International

To understand the history of quartz we need to examine what it is. Quartz is a mineral made of Silicon Dioxide, that is found in abundance in nature. In fact, Quartz is the second most abundant mineral in Earth’s crust.

Acronyms and Hierarchy of Timing Products: ECS Inc. International

This video will look at various types of clocks and discuss some of the acronyms used to identify them and the Hierarchy of their use and performance.

How Quartz Resonators are Manufactured: ECS Inc. International

Quartz is so widely used, They are also used in high end system timing for Networking & Communications, Base stations, GPS, Cellphones and many others electronics we use on a day to day basis.

Keep your Raspberry Pi safe - Another Geek Moment | The Resident Geeks

This time on Another Geek Moment, Kyle demonstrates how a specialized solenoid is used to latch and unlatch the lid on a plastic Pi(e) case using a Raspberry Pi, a magnetic sensor and a few custom circuits.

Dremel 4000 Variable-Speed Rotary Tool Kit | Digi-Key Daily

The kit includes the Dremel 4000 rotary tool, two attachments, thirty Dremel accessories, a deluxe carrying case, and an accessory case.

How to Apply Ohm’s Law to Series and Parallel Circuits

This blog provides a quick review of Ohm’s law and how to apply it to series and parallel circuits.

Abracon 2019 Antenna Catalog

Abracon's 2019 Antenna Catalog

Abracon Tiny but Mighty Flyer

Abracon's Tiny but Mighty Flyer

A New Addition to the KiCad Library

Digi-Key recently released an additional supplement to the original Kicad Library which has 45 new parts with more to come.

Coming Soon EX810 Clamp Meter Date de publication : 2019-03-22

FLIR Extech's EX810 clamp meter features a built-in IR thermometer with a laser pointer for non-contact surface measurements.

Abracon Tiny but Mighty NPI Flyer

Abracon's Tiny but Mighty NPI Flyer

BWP 2000 Series HTML5 Web Panels Date de publication : 2019-03-22

Phoenix Contact’s web panels utilize the global HTML5 communication standard, making it universally suitable to communicate with any web server.

SMD Reed Switches Date de publication : 2019-03-22

PIC GmbH's SMD reed switches are available with or without housing and are suitable for high-volume applications.

Abracon Tiny but Mighty Quartz Crystals Flyer

Abracon's Tiny but Mighty Quartz Crystals Flyer

Abracon Advanced Antennas NPI Visual Flyer

Abracon's Advanced Antennas NPI Visual Flyer

C3M™ Planar MOSFET Technology Date de publication : 2019-03-22

Wolfspeed’s advanced SiC MOSFET technology is offered in low-inductance discrete packing, allowing engineers to take advantage of C3M™ planar MOSFET chips.

SensorTile SensorTile

STMicro's SensorTile includes an 80 MHz microcontroller, Bluetooth low energy connectivity, a wide range of sensors & a digital microphone to become the center of your application.

Date de publication : 2019-03-22
IoT Prototyping Platforms

ON Semiconductor offers a variety of prototyping IoT platforms crossing multiple areas of the industry to help reduce time-to-market & allow rapid deployment of your products.

Date de publication : 2019-03-22
Dispositifs de retenue de pile au lithium plaqué or BC-2003-G-TR Date de publication : 2019-03-22

Le dispositif de retenue de pile au lithium BC-2003-G-TR de MPD présente des conducteurs CMS de grande taille à souder et est constitué d'un bronze phosphoreux nickelé recouvert d'or extrafin.

Coming Soon DM220 Mini Pocket Multimeter Date de publication : 2019-03-22

FLIR Extech's DM220 mini pocket multimeter has a large, high-contrast LCD display, non-contact voltage detection, and a built-in flashlight.

Abracon Power Optimized MEMS Oscillators Flyer

Abracon's Power Optimized MEMS Oscillators Flyer

Jonard Tools MRS-24 Product Video

The MRS-24 is flexible and designed to be used with insulated or uninsulated walls or to fish walls in between floors.

TE Connectivity SFP28 and QSFP28 Cable Assemblies | Digi-Key Daily

TE Connectivity introduces one of the highest performing 25 Gbps SFP28 and QSFP28 cable assembly portfolios in the market.

Measurement of the Cable Cross Section

How to determine the cross-sectional area of a wire you didn’t buy yourself? See how to do it in this blog.

AMJM/AMJD/AMPM/AMPD Series Power Consumption Optimized Oscillators Date de publication : 2019-03-21

Abracon's AMJM, AMJD, AMPM, and AMPD series MEMS-based, power consumption optimized oscillators are ideal for industrial and consumer applications.

Digi-Key annonce une bibliothèque KiCad orientée fournisseurs Date de publication : 2019-03-21

Digi-Key Electronics annonce la sortie d'une nouvelle bibliothèque KiCad secondaire, appelée Digi-Key Partner Library, sur GitHub.

The Fundamentals of Logarithmic Amplifiers and How They Handle Wide Dynamic Range Signals Date de publication : 2019-03-21

How to use log amplifiers to compress wide dynamic range signals to make them compatible with linear processing elements like digitizers.

How To Debug Your Arduino

While Useful Arduino do lack a key feature when trying to find problems with your code. However, debugging Functions on an Arduino can be implemented with code.

Energy and Utility Applications Date de publication : 2019-03-21

This presentation will review key energy and utility related applications, overview some of the common switching functions, and highlight suggested C&K switch products by application.

Duration: 10 minutes
TIB-EX DIN Rail Power Supplies Date de publication : 2019-03-21

TRACO's DIN rail power supplies are safety qualified to UL HazLoc Class 1 Division 2 and ATEX for applications in harsh environments and hazardous locations.

43X Power Quality Analyzer Date de publication : 2019-03-21

Fluke's 430 series II power quality and energy analyzers offer the best in power quality analysis and can monetarily quantify energy losses.

Abracon Power Optimized MEMS Oscillators

Abracon's AMJM, AMJD, AMPM, and AMPD series MEMS-based, power consumption optimized oscillators are ideal for industrial and consumer applications.

Humidity and Temperature Sensor SHTC3 explained by Vincent Hess

The SHTC3 is especially suitable for battery-driven applications, due to its low power consumption, the wide operating voltage range and compact size.

Differential Pressure Sensor SDP800 explained by Andries Bosma

The SDP800 sensors are based on the next generation CMOSens® sensor chip and build on the successful SDP600 series.

Sensirion’s SCD30 Co2 and RH/T Module

Sensirion’s SCD30 offers accurate and stable CO2, temperature and humidity monitoring. This enables customers to develop new solutions that increase energy efficiency and simultaneously support well being.

Sensirion - New Particulate Matter Sensor SPS30 with Livio Lattanzio

The SPS30 particulate matter (PM) sensor represents a new technological breakthrough in optical PM sensors. Its measurement principle is based on laser scattering and makes use of Sensirion's innovative contamination-resistance technology.

Differential Pressure Sensor SDP3x

Learn More About the SDP3x - the World's Smallest Differential Pressure Sensor - from Sensirion's Expert.

Sensirion’s SGP Multi-Pixel Gas Sensor for TVOC Measurement

The SGP offers a unique combination of long-term stability and multi-pixel technology that opens up new possibilities for environmental monitoring.

PanTher™ Hand-Held Thermal Transfer Printer

The PanTher Hand-Held Thermal Transfer Printer with QWERTY keypad prints on continuous tapes, heat-shrink tubing, die-cut heat-shrink tubing, general component labels, network component labels, self-laminating and nonlaminated wire/cable labels.

How to Apply Ohm’s Law to Series and Parallel Circuits - Another Teaching Moment | Digi-Key Electronics

Learn how to solve series and parallel electronic circuits to find voltage, current, resistance and power.

Silicon Labs BGM13S Module | Digi-Key Daily

BGM13S from Silicon Labs is a SiP module for Bluetooth 5 LE and Bluetooth Mesh connectivity built around the EFR32 Blue Gecko 13 SoC.

Delta Thermal Solutions | Digi-Key Daily

Heaters from Delta are designed with intelligent energy usage in mind and utilize positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heating elements to ensure that chosen temperatures are maintained, avoiding costly waste from continuous heating operation.

ECX-1637B Quartz Crystal Date de publication : 2019-03-20

ECS' ECX-1637B miniature tight stability SMD crystal is offered in a 2.0 mm x 1.6 mm x 0.45 mm industry standard ceramic package.

Circuits d'attaque LED séries XLG-25/50 Date de publication : 2019-03-20

Les circuits d'attaque LED étanches série XLG de MEAN WELL peuvent être utilisés pour l'éclairage LED haute densité, l'éclairage urbain, l'éclairage horticole et les applications d'éclairage par projecteurs.

The Basics of Direct Digital Synthesizers (DDSs) and How to Select and Use Them Date de publication : 2019-03-20

Use the right direct digital synthesizer (DDS) for accurate and stable analog waveforms with both phase and frequency agility.

Offre groupée avancée de fraiseuse de bureau pour circuit imprimé Date de publication : 2019-03-20

L'offre groupée avancée de fraiseuse de bureau pour circuit imprimé de Bantam Tools est assortie d'une garantie de 2 ans lorsque les composants requis sont achetés ensemble.

MIC28515 Switching Buck Regulators Date de publication : 2019-03-20

The MIC28515 from Microchip Technology is an adjustable frequency, synchronous buck regulator that features a unique adaptive on-time control architecture.

Guide to the Design of Lithium Polymer Batteries

This white paper serves as a guide for product developers during key project phases.

MAPS-010145 4-bit Digital Phase Shifter Date de publication : 2019-03-19

MACOM’s MAPS-010145 is a 4-bit digital phase shifter with an integrated CMOS driver in a 4 mm plastic, surface-mount package.

MADT-011000-DIE Power Detector Date de publication : 2019-03-19

MACOM's MADT-011000-DIE is a single-ended, internally matched power detector with wide frequency range and high dynamic range.

RZF Series Power Relays Date de publication : 2019-03-19

TE Connectivity’s RZF series is a line of compact relays that offer through-hole technology (THT) printed circuit board (PCB) terminals.

How To Set Up EasyVR Voice Shield on Arduino

Voice recognition can be easy to set up with the EasyVR on the Arduino platform. Some soldering, and software can have you up and running in moments.

Flyover™ Cables: Inevitable, but Not Easy

Use Flyover cables and connectors to lower high-speed system design costs while increasing signaling rates to PAM4 at 25, 56, and 112 Gbits/s and above.

ST25R3916 High-Performance NFC Universal Device and EMVCo Reader Date de publication : 2019-03-19

STMicroelectronics' ST25R3916 is a high-performance NFC universal device supporting NFC initiator, NFC target, NFC reader, and NFC card emulation modes.

Connecteurs QSFP DD Date de publication : 2019-03-19

Le système d'interconnexion QSFP DD d'Amphenol ICC est composé d'un connecteur à pas de 0,8 mm, 76 pôles, conçu pour une utilisation dans les applications série à haute vitesse.

Digi-Key Announces Launch of WeChat Membership Scheme & WeChat Pay Date de publication : 2019-03-19

For ease of doing business, Digi-Key Electronics announces the addition of a WeChat Membership Scheme as well as a WeChat Pay option.

ECX-2236B Quartz Crystal Date de publication : 2019-03-19

ECS' ECX-2236B is a miniature, tight stability, SMD crystal in a 2.5 mm x 2.0 mm x 0.55 mm industry standard ceramic package.

Timing Portfolio Date de publication : 2019-03-19

Silicon Labs offer a wide range of timing solutions from oscillators & buffers to clocks & design tools. Check out Digi-Key’s selection of timing products from Silicon Labs today!

Use a PPG/ECG Combo Wearable Biosensor Module for FDA-Certifiable Cardio Measurements Date de publication : 2019-03-19

A tiny module offers a drop-in solution for adding both one-lead ECG and pulse oximetry to low-power mobile devices.

VFS Series Noise Suppression Filters Date de publication : 2019-03-19

TDK's VFS series filters are compact noise suppression components for home appliances that accommodate high currents.

Module Wi-Fi/Bluetooth® ESP32-WROOM-32 Date de publication : 2019-03-19

Le dispositif ESP32-WROOM-32 de Schtoeta est un puissant module Wi-Fi/Bluetooth® basse consommation, qui cible une grande variété d'applications.

FreeWave: Bringing Your Intelligent Edge within Reach

See how FreeWave’s edge intelligent solutions transform the extreme edge of your operation into a connected part of your enterprise.

FINEPITCH board-to-board connectors with 0.8 mm pitch

FINEPITCH series board-to-board connectors with 0.8 mm pitch achieve reliable high-speed data transmission up to 16 Gbps, allowing you to configure individual PCB orientations with various designs, stack heights, and numbers of positions.

FINEPITCH board-to-board connectors in 1.27 mm pitch for industrial PCB connections

FINEPITCH board-to-board connectors and wire-to-board connectors provide shielded and unshielded solutions for signal and data transmission. In 1.27 mm pitch they provide compact solutions for industrial PCB connection in confined spaces.

Renesas S1 Series MCU Development Kit | Digi-Key Daily

YSTBS1JAE10 Synergy S1 series MCU development kit from Renesas is designed to deliver high-precision analog capabilities.

CMB 0207 – The SMD champion for high pulse load applications

Learn which properties define the pulse load capability of SMD film resistors and why our CMB 0207 carbon film MELF resistor is a pulse load champion.

MELF Assembly Video

The video demonstrates how Vishay MELF resistors are easily assembled when using the right equipment and process conditions.

AFBR-S50MV85G 3D Multipixel ToF Sensor Date de publication : 2019-03-18

The AFBR-S50MV85G is Broadcom's multipixel distance and motion measurement sensor based on the optical time-of-flight principle.

PureThermal Boards Date de publication : 2019-03-18

GroupGets' PureThermal 2 Smart I/O and PureThermal Mini Smart I/O modules are hackable thermal USB webcams for the FLIR® Lepton® thermal imaging camera core.

SR73 Series Current Sense Resistors Date de publication : 2019-03-18

KOA's SR73 series of low-ohm current sensing chip resistors offers many package sizes, resistance values, and tolerances, as well as a wide temperature range.

Résistances de détection du courant séries UR73 et UR73V Date de publication : 2019-03-18

Les résistances séries UR73 et UR73V de KOA sont conçues pour une détection de courant et une précision élevée, offrant une plage de résistance faible et des températures de fonctionnement élevées.

Résistances et cavaliers série TLR Date de publication : 2019-03-18

KOA Speer Electronics propose une vaste gamme de cavaliers et de résistances à plaque métallique afin de répondre aux différents besoins des clients.

KOA Speer Electronics, Inc.

KOA Corporation offers a wide range of products which include film resistors, current sensing resistors, wire wound resistors, thermal sensors, fuses, varistors, LTCC's, and modules.

MIC28515 75V/5A DC-DC Switching Buck Regulator with Mode Select

The MIC28515 is an adjustable frequency, synchronous buck regulator that features a unique adaptive on-time control architecture.

Mighty Mask II Solder Mask Date de publication : 2019-03-18

ACL Staticide’s Mighty Mask II washable solder mask for closed-loop water systems protects against unwanted soldering of protected areas during wave soldering.

4th Annual University Bracket Challenge is on! #MarchMadness

Thirty-two universities based in the United States with robust engineering communities were selected to participate by Electronic Design’s editorial staff.

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