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Digital Isolator Product Selection

Digital Isolator Product Selection and Resource Guide - Summer 2017 Edition

Precision ADC Selector Guide

This ADC selector guide is designed as a pre-selection tool to facilitate selection of a short list of possible products. A detailed data sheet review should be performed before ultimately selecting the right ADC for the application.

RF, Microwave, and Millimeter Wave IC

RF, Microwave, and Millimeter Wave IC Selection Guide 2017 - Now Including Linear Technology Products

Analog Devices Precision ADCs

Listing and specifications for precision ADCs available from Analog Devices.

Analog Devices Precision DACs

Listing and specifications for precision DACs available from Analog Devices.

Analog Devices Precision Microcontrollers Selection Guide

ADI precision analog microcontrollers combine precision analog functions— high resolution ADCs and DACs, voltage reference, temp sensor, and a host of other peripherals—with an industry-standard microcontroller and flash memory

Analog Devices Switches and Multiplexers Portfolio

Analog Devices offers a large range of switches and multiplexers covering single to multiple switch elements, with various signal ranges, and in a variety of packages to best suit customer application needs.

World’s Highest Performance Digital Temperature Sensors

Analog Devices’ Digital Temperature Sensors Achieve Highest Accuracy of ∙0.25°C Over Industry’s Widest Temperature Range

ADI ADC Power Supply Regulator Selector Guide

The voltage regulator selector guide provides solutions for typical ADC supplies plus the total supply current on each line.

Analog Devices’ Efficient, Compact Power Solutions for Xilinx’s High Performance FPGAs

Selecting the optimum regulator to power your FPGA depends on the input voltage, the maximum load current, and efficiency requirements. Low dropout (LDO) regulators are excellent at low current levels where their low efficiency wastes little power.