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Insulation Resistance Measurement for Photovoltaic Panel Array in Transformerless PV Inverter System

Transformerless photovoltaic (PV) inverter systems are getting popular these days due to lower system cost, higher efficiency, easier installation and maintenance.

Black Hole Detection by BroadView™ Instrumentation Software

Describes the black hole phenomenon and how the BroadView Instrumentation Software Suite leverages Broadcom silicon features and detects black-holed packets in real time.

Developing Open Networking Applications with OpenNSL

This document provides a brief introduction to OpenNSL and provides summary information about how to build OpenNSL-ready network switching platforms and network switching applications that run on top of OpenNSL.

Enabling Multi-Host System Designs with PCI Express Technology

Although not part of the PCI Express spec, nontransparent bridging is completely consistent with it and can support multiprocessor systems with only minimal software initialization efforts.

Gate Drive Optocoupler Provides Robust Insulation in IGBT Destructive Tests

This paper discusses the impact of unprotected IGBT destructive tests on the insulation barrier of an Avago gate drive optocoupler.

Reducing EMI from an Internally Clocked Sigma-Delta Modulator Through Spread Spectrum

Over the past two decades, shunt-based current-sensing technology using Broadcom’s optically isolated sigma-delta modulator has gained wide acceptance with industrial general inverters and servo drives over traditional current transformers (CTs) and hall effect sensors (HESs).

PLX PCIe Switch Performance Ethernet

The enclosed document shows an example of a PCI Express host running a Gigabit Ethernet network. A PLX switch is added to the network and the resultant system degradation is tested.

Shunt Resistor Selection for High-Accuracy, Optically Isolated Sigma-Delta Modulator Current-Sensing Solution

As modern factory automation (including servo motors, industrial robots, and computer numerical control [CNC] machines) trends toward higher precision, power, speed, multi-axis, and multi-direction, the requirement for accurate sensing of motor phase current has become ever more demanding.

Tight vs. Loose Coupling of Differential Pairs

Review of differential pair properties and how they differ between tightly and loosely coupled pairs.

Optocouplers Ensure Safety and Enable Efficiency in Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

This article descries how to use optocouplers in such designs to meet the aforementioned challenges.

Using Non-transparent Bridging in PCI Express Systems

This paper outlines how to implement multiprocessor systems using industry standard practices established in the PCI paradigm.

Fiber Optics in Solar Energy Applications

Solar energy has recently become a popular alternative energy source to meet demands around the world due to the fluctuation of oil/coal prices and global warming issues.

Industrial Fiber Optic Products for Wind Turbine and Wind Farm Applications

Global warming and climate changes from CO2 emissions of traditional energy sources, such as those powered by fossil fuels, have created huge markets for alternative power generation.

Laser Navigation Eye Safety Classification for Optical Mouse Sensor

The nature of light emitting sources used in products mandates worldwide compliance to Optical Radiation Regulations.

Laser Navigation Safety and Performance in an Optical Mouse Sensor

Broadcom, inventor of the popular LED-based optical mouse navigation engine, again revolutionized the PC mouse industry with the introduction of LaserStream laser navigation technology.

Optical Mice and How They Work

The mechanical computer mouse, Douglas Engelbart’s invention of the 1960’s, is starting to look like an endangered species. While users praise its ingenuity, many resent its unreliability and its need for frequent cleaning.

Understanding Optical Mice

Today’s computer mouse comes in many shapes and in a wide range of features, sizes, and prices. The two main technologies driving this input device are optical and mechanical.

World’s First Fully Integrated Bluetooth 2.1 SoC LaserStream Mouse Sensor

Broadcom announced its ADNS-7630 fully integrated and feature-rich Bluetooth (BT) 2.1 System-on-Chip (SoC) LaserStream™ navigation sensor for wireless mouse applications in late 2009.

Industrial Fiber Optics in Train Transportation Systems

Trains are one of the most popular transportation systems in the world. They provide a high-speed and low cost method of transporting large amounts of people and goods with low CO2 emissions.