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Relays - Definition, Specifications and Applications

A relay is an electrically operated switch. It allows a small current to control a larger current, enabling remote control of high current switching.

Reducing Cost of Solar with In-Line Fuses

How in-line fusing cuts installation time up to 40 percent and overall wiring costs by 35 percent.

Trailer Connectors

The purpose of this paper is to look at the current Littelfuse trailer connector family and provide a recommendation for the future development of trailer connectors which can meet the requirement of the FACS system and autonomous driving electric vehicles.

Short Circuit Current Ratings

How to Determine and Increase Short Circuit Current Ratings for Industrial Control Panels

Arc-Flash Protection

Key Considerations for selecting an Arc-Flash Relay

What’s Your Relay Telling You?

What’s Your Relay Telling You? Using Intelligent Relays to Protect Motors

Protecting the Highway to the Cloud

Because a growing percentage of both business and personal information is stored “in the cloud,” it becomes more important than ever to ensure fast, reliable access to this information.

State of the SiC MOSFET

State of the SiC MOSFET: Device evolution, technology merit, and commercial prospects

Single Fuse Solution for High Current Applications

Littelfuse's Single Fuse Solution for High Current Applications

Outdoor LED Lighting Protection

The combination of commercial and industrial applications is the fastest growth segment of the LED lighting market.