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IEC 62368-1 Overvoltage Hazard Requirements

The hazard-based standard IEC 62368-1 takes a new approach to safety. Explore how Littelfuse products can help comply with the overvoltage protection test requirements.

Designing with Thermally Protected TMOV® Varistors in SPD and AC Line Applications

Application note from Littelfuse explaining how to design with thermally protected TMOV® varistors in SPD and AC line applications.

Mounting and Cooling Solutions for SMPD Packages

This application note discusses various mounting solutions for Surface Mount Power Device (SMPD) packages.

Use of PP-IGBTs in VSC Medium Voltage Drives Application

In this application note, we review a selection of common and emerging topologies for MV drives, followed by a study of the structure and features of PP-IGBT.

60W Auxiliary Power Supply

This application note describes the design and performance of a 60 W auxiliary power supply with wide input voltage for industrial applications.

Optimization of Freewheeling Device Implementation in SiC MOSFETs

This paper discusses the optimization of freewheeling device implementation for SiC MOSFETs in a half-bridge configuration.

Point-of-Sale Mobile Point-of-Sale Equipment Solutions

Point-of-sale (POS) terminals are starting to mimic other commercial & consumer portable battery-powered devices

AF0100 Arc-Flash Relay

The AF0100 is a microprocessor-based protection relay that limits arc-flash damage by using light sensors to rapidly detect the arc and then trip a circuit breaker.

Food & Beverage Product Capabilities

Littelfuse products deliver protection, safe control and distribution of electrical power to optimize your food and beverage processing operations.

Gate Drive Evaluation Platform

Littelfuse's application note on their Gate Drive Evaluation Platform.

POWR-SPEED® Cross Reference

POWR-SPEED® Fuse Cross Reference Guide

POWR-SPEED® Product Flyer

POWR-SPEED® Range of High-Speed Fuses

Smart LED Lighting

Smart LED Lighting: Illuminating the path to our future

Thermistor Terminology and Technical Vocabulary

Littelfuse's Thermistor Terminology and Technical Vocabulary

What is a Thermistor?

Thermistors are thermally sensitive resistors whose prime function is to exhibit a large, predictable and precise change in electrical resistance when subjected to a corresponding change in body temperature.

Automotive Grade AQHV and AQHV-C Product Flyer

Littelfuse’s AQHV and AQHV-C series automotive AEC-Q 200W diode arrays are designed to provide an option for very fast acting, high-performance over-voltage protection devices.

Position and Level Sensing in Refrigerators and Freezers

Littelfuse’s magnetic sensor products help make appliances like refrigerators, freezers, and wine coolers as reliable as ever.

POWR-SPEED® Fuses Application Guide

This POWR-SPEED® fuses technical applications guide from Littelfuse describes how power electronics helps run the modern world effectively and efficient.

Wireless Network Base Station AC and DC Power Line Circuit Protection

Base Station power line protection devices help prevent service disruptions to customers, improve system reliability and lower maintenance costs

High Power Semiconductor Crowbar Protector for AC Power Line Application Notes

Littelfuse's high power semiconductor crowbar protector for AC power line application notes.