CnC Tech

Custom Cables

CnC Tech capabilities are well known in the industry, by developing concepts into designs, tooling and production. We like to take the opportunity to use our experience in providing custom solutions to your application specific cable and connector requirements, from flat ribbon cable interconnections, standard cables and power cords of all kinds, with original or equivalent connectors.

CnC Tech is able to help with your needs for Custom USB and Power Cables.

CnC Tech provides a wide variety of plug styles to fit any application:

  • Nema 1-15
  • Nema 5-15
  • Nema 5-20
  • Nema 6-20
  • Left/Right Angled
  • Locking Plugs
  • IEC-320 C-13
  • IEC-320 C-19
  • IEC-320 C-5
  • IEC-320 C-7
  • Polarized

Our power cords have all of the approvals necessary, like UL/CSA to meet all requirements.

Cordage Types

  • SPT-1, -2, -3
  • SPE-1, -2, -3
  • ST
  • STW
  • SJ
  • SJOO
  • SJT
  • SJTW
  • HPN
  • SEO
  • SEOW
  • SVT

Custom Termination Type

Image of CnC Tech's Custom Termination

Custom Power Cords

  • Every length is available in feet or in meters
  • Different jacket colors, like white or brown
  • Different termination in a wide variety
  • Gauge 12 - 20 is available, standard is 14, 16 & 18 AWG
  • Polarized, non-polarized
Image of CnC Tech's Custom Power Cords

Custom USB Cords

USB was designed to standardize a wide range of connections and has effectively replaced a variety of earlier interfaces, such as serial and parallel ports, as well as separate power chargers for portable devices.

CnC Tech is specialized in all types of USB connectors and cables, standard and custom. A wide range of version 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 is available.

What Do We Need?

  • A sample and/or a drawing of the cable or power cord you like us to build for you.
  • Type of connectors, original part number or if requested, we will use equivalent connectors, sourced from our factory.

If no tooling is involved, the turnaround for samples will be around 14 days, incl. shipping from Asia, if tooling is involved, the lead-time will depend on getting the tooling done and to work.

If samples are approved, mass production has a lead-time of 4-5 weeks, depends on the quantity. Individual packaging and labeling is available at the factory.

All parts are tested 100%.

Custom cables and power cords have a MOQ of 500 pieces through distribution.

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