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3MAdafruit Industries LLCAdam TechAlpha WireAltech CorporationAmphenol Aerospace OperationsAmphenol Air LBAmphenol Alden Products CompanyAmphenol AudioAmphenol CONECAmphenol ICC (Commercial Products)Amphenol ICC (FCI)
-BagBoxBulkCaseCut Tape (CT)Digi-Reel®Retail PackageTape & Reel (TR)TrayTube
Product Status
ActiveDiscontinued at Digi-KeyLast Time BuyObsolete
Connector Type
-Distributor NutDistributorH-DistributorInsert, Female Sockets and Male PinsInsert, Female SocketsInsert, Male PinsJack and PlugJackJack, Female SocketsJack, Male PinsLine Drain, Female Sockets
Number of Positions
1 (Coax)1 (Power)1 (Triax)1 (Twinax)12 (1 + 1 Coax)2 (1 + 1 Power)2 (Coax)2 (Data)2 (Power)2 (Quadrax)2
-MIL-5015 DerivativeMIL-5015MIL-C-5015 Series 1MIL-C-5015MIL-DTL-2292MIL-DTL-22992MIL-DTL-22992, Class LMIL-DTL-26482 G Series IIMIL-DTL-26482 Series IMIL-DTL-26482 Series IIMIL-DTL-26482
Shell Size - Insert
Shell Size, MIL
Mounting Type
-Chassis MountFree Hanging (In-Line)Free Hanging (In-Line), AngledFree Hanging (In-Line), Cable MountFree Hanging (In-Line), Right AngleFree Hanging (In-Line), Right Angle; Panel MountFree Hanging (In-Line); Panel MountPanel MountPanel Mount, 70° AnglePanel Mount, Push InPanel Mount, Right Angle
Mounting Feature
-Bulkhead - Front Side NutBulkhead - Front Side Nut, FlangeBulkhead - Front or Rear Side NutBulkhead - Rear Side NutBulkhead - Rear Side Nut, FlangeBulkheadFlangeFront Side NutFront and Rear Side NutRear Side Nut
-Axial PierceCircuit Board, SolderClampCrimp or Solder CupCrimp or SolderCrimpCrimp, ScrewCrimp, SolderIDC BlockIDCPush In, Spring
Fastening Type
-Bayonet LockBayonet Lock, ThreadedDetent LockLatch HolderLatch LockLatch Lock, Push-PullLatch Lock, Push-TwistMagneticPush-PullPush-Pull, Detent LockPush-Pull, ThreadedPush-TwistReverse Bayonet Lock
Primary Material
Shell Material
-Aluminum Alloy and Zinc Die CastAluminum AlloyAluminum Die CastAluminum Die Cast, BrassAluminum or Zinc AlloyAluminum or ZincAluminumBrass AlloyBrass and Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS)Brass and Zinc Die CastBrass
Shell Finish
-AP-93Alumilite 225™Anodic Coating (Alumilite)AnodizedBlack AnodizedBlack CadmiumBlack CarbonBlack Chromate over ZincBlack ChromateBlack Chrome over NickelBlack Chrome
Contact Finish - Mating
-Copper AlloyCopper Tin ZincElectro-TinGoldGold, SilverNickelNickel-GoldNickel-SilverSilverSilver, TinTinTin-LeadZinc
-BeigeBeige, SilverBlackBlack, BlueBlack, BrownBlack, GrayBlack, GreenBlack, RedBlack, SilverBlack, WhiteBlack, Yellow
Ingress Protection
-Environment ProofEnvironment ResistantEnvironment SealedFluid ResistantIP20IP20, IP40IP25IP40IP44IP50 - Dust ProtectedIP50
Material Flammability Rating
-Flame RetardantNon FlammableUL94 5VAUL94 HBUL94 HB, UL94 V-0UL94 HB, UL94 V-2UL94 HF-1UL94 HF-1, UL94 V-0UL94 V-0UL94 V-1UL94 V-2UL94
-BackshellBackshell, Board GuideBackshell, Boot AdapterBackshell, Boot Adapter, Cable ClampBackshell, Boot Adapter, LanyardBackshell, BootBackshell, Boot, Boot AdapterBackshell, Cable ClampBackshell, Cable Clamp, Coupling NutBackshell, Cable Clamp, Coupling Nut, Dust CapBackshell, Cable Clamp, Coupling Nut, Flame Retardant
Current Rating (Amps)
0.3A0.5A per Contact0.5A0.5A, 6A0.8A0.9A1A per Contact1A per Contact, 11.6A per Contact1A1A, 1.25A, 2A1A, 200A1A, 23A
Voltage Rating
7.5V10V11VAC, 12VDC12V12V, 24V12VAC, 60VDC12VDC16V18VDC20VDC24V24VDC
Cable Opening
0.020" ~ 0.039" (0.50mm ~ 1.00mm)0.039" ~ 0.047" (1.00mm ~ 1.20mm)0.039" ~ 0.059" (1.00mm ~ 1.50mm)0.039" ~ 0.157" (1.00mm ~ 4.00mm)0.043" ~ 0.413" (1.10mm ~ 10.50mm)0.047" ~ 0.343" (1.20mm ~ 8.70mm)0.051" (1.30mm)0.051" ~ 0.059" (1.30mm ~ 1.50mm)0.051" ~ 0.063" (1.30mm ~ 1.60mm)0.051" ~ 0.067" (1.30mm ~ 1.70mm)0.051" ~ 0.087" (1.30mm ~ 2.20mm)0.055" ~ 0.087" (1.40mm ~ 2.20mm)
Operating Temperature
-85°C ~ 300°C-65°C ~ 125°C-65°C ~ 150°C-65°C ~ 155°C-65°C ~ 170°C-65°C ~ 175°C-65°C ~ 200°C-65°C ~ 260°C-55°C ~ 105°C-55°C ~ 118°C-55°C ~ 125°C-55°C ~ 150°C
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