High-Current Inductors for Low-Voltage Multi-Phase Power Applications

Pulse Power’s high peak current, low DCR inductors enable high efficiency

Image of Pulse High-Current Inductors for Phase ConversionPulse Power is expanding its portfolio of high-current, low DCR inductors used in single-phase PoL and multi-phase buck converters to power processors, memory modules, FPGAs and ASICS in servers, data centers, networking systems, and graphics cards. The five families provide lower core loss using the latest high-frequency materials, reduced DCR, and higher current ratings in standard footprints. These multi-phase buck topologies distribute the current among multiple parallel ‘paths’ with staggered turn-off and turn-on. By operating each phase in a staggered fashion, the ripple currents in each phase tend to cancel at the output and the overall ripple current seen at the load is much smaller than the ripple on each phase. This approach allows smaller inductances to be used (typically on the order of 50 nH to 300 nH) and can allow design engineers a trade-off between how quickly the converter responds to a change in the load current (transient response) versus stability of the control loop.

  • Current rating: 20.5 A to 78 A peak
  • Inductance rating: 50 nH to 440 nH
  • Height range: 4.1 mm to 15.5 mm
  • Low DCR
  • Low core loss

High-Current Inductors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
IND PWR BEAD 470NH 40A SMDPA5034.471HLTIND PWR BEAD 470NH 40A SMD300 - ImmediateView Details
IND PWR BEAD 330NH 40A SMDPA5034.331HLTIND PWR BEAD 330NH 40A SMD273 - ImmediateView Details
IND PWR BEAD 100NH 20.5A SMDPA5189.101HLTIND PWR BEAD 100NH 20.5A SMD1492 - ImmediateView Details
IND PWR BEAD 50NH 48A SMDPA5190.500HLTIND PWR BEAD 50NH 48A SMD580 - ImmediateView Details
IND PWR BEAD 220NH 80A SMDPA5300.221HLTIND PWR BEAD 220NH 80A SMD150 - ImmediateView Details
IND PWR BEAD 120NH 115A SMDPA5300.121HLTIND PWR BEAD 120NH 115A SMD144 - ImmediateView Details
IND PWR BEAD 100NH 53A SMDPG2110.101HLTIND PWR BEAD 100NH 53A SMD500 - ImmediateView Details
IND PWR BEAD 120NH 53A SMDPG2110.121HLTIND PWR BEAD 120NH 53A SMD500 - ImmediateView Details
IND PWR BEAD 180NH 41A SMDPG2110.181HLTIND PWR BEAD 180NH 41A SMD495 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2021-08-23