OptoTEC™ Series Miniature Thermoelectric Modules

Laird Thermal Systems introduces OptoTEC™ Series miniature thermoelectric module

Image of Laird Technologies - Thermoelectric Products' OptoTEC SeriesLaird Thermal Systems OptoTEC series is a miniature thermoelectric module (TEM) primarily used in applications to stabilize the temperature of sensitive optical components in telecom and photonics industries.

This product line is available in multiple configurations and surface finishing options. Assembled with Bismuth Telluride semiconductor material and thermally conductive Aluminum Oxide ceramics, the OptoTEC Series is designed for lower current and lower heat-pumping applications. Custom designs are available to accommodate metallization, pretinning, ceramic patterns and solder posts, however MOQ applies.

Internal solder construction is denoted in prefix of part description: 138°C (OT), 232°C (ET), and 271°C (HOT). For all OptoTEC Series modules, wire is solid, 57 mm (2.25 in.) long and uninsulated.

  • Miniature geometric sizes
  • Precise temperature control
  • Reliable solid state operation
  • No sound or vibration
  • DC operation
  • RoHS compliant
  • Laser diodes
  • CCD cameras
  • Infrared (IR) stations
  • Pulp lasers
  • Crystal oscillators
  • Optical transceivers

Laird Thermal Systems' Thermal Wizard helps users find the best thermal solution based on their requirements. Users can input their Qc requirements or they can determine their Qc values with Laird’s calculators to quickly view the optimum thermal management solution.

OptoTEC Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionSize / DimensionQmax @ ThAvailable QuantityView Details
PELTIER OT08,08,F0,0303,11,W2.2545850-502PELTIER OT08,08,F0,0303,11,W2.25Rectangular - 5.00mm L x 3.40mm W0.4W @ 25°C21 - ImmediateView Details
PELTIER HOT12,18,F2A,0606,11430037-501PELTIER HOT12,18,F2A,0606,11Rectangular - 7.20mm L x 6.00mm W1.5W @ 25°C0View Details
PELTIER OT08,18,F0,0505,11,W2.25430002-501PELTIER OT08,18,F0,0505,11,W2.25Rectangular - 6.50mm L x 4.90mm W1.0W @ 25°C82 - ImmediateView Details
PELTIR OT15,30,F2A,0610,11,W2.25430007-509PELTIR OT15,30,F2A,0610,11,W2.25Rectangular - 12.30mm L x 6.20mm W3.0W @ 25°C0View Details
PELTIR OT20,30,F2A,0610,11,W2.25430264-503PELTIR OT20,30,F2A,0610,11,W2.25Rectangular - 12.30mm L x 6.20mm W4.1W @ 25°C0View Details
PELTIER OT08,11,F1,0305,11,W2.25430834-501PELTIER OT08,11,F1,0305,11,W2.25Rectangular - 4.88mm L x 3.25mm W0.6W @ 25°C15 - ImmediateView Details
PELTIER OT08,18,F2,0505,11,W2.25430828-501PELTIER OT08,18,F2,0505,11,W2.25Rectangular - 6.70mm L x 5.00mm W1.0W @ 25°C10 - ImmediateView Details
PELTIR OT12,18,F2A,0606,11,W2.25430779-501PELTIR OT12,18,F2A,0606,11,W2.25Rectangular - 7.20mm L x 6.00mm W1.5W @ 25°C0View Details
PELTIR ET20,30,F2A,0610,11,W2.25430581-502PELTIR ET20,30,F2A,0610,11,W2.25Rectangular - 12.30mm L x 6.20mm W4.1W @ 25°C14 - ImmediateView Details
PELTIER OT16,18,F2,0606,11,W2.25430860-505PELTIER OT16,18,F2,0606,11,W2.25Rectangular - 7.60mm L x 6.00mm W2.0W @ 25°C0View Details
Published: 2012-06-29