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Episode 6: The Digi-Key IoT Studio

1/28/2020 | By Staff

Adafruit and Digi-Key have teamed up to present All the Internet of Things – a six-episode series covering everything you could ever want to know about the Internet of Things.

We’ve gone over a lot of different aspects of IoT. In our first episode, we looked at Transports, the physical and wireless mechanisms used to transfer data between things. In Protocols, we saw the communication standards which enable devices at each end of a transport to “speak the same language” and understand what is being communicated.

Our third episode, Services, covered many of the applications and services that actually implement the technology we’ve been discussing. For our forth, we wanted to focus on a robust Internet of Things service for makers and professional engineers alike: our very own Adafruit IO and our fifth focused on IoT Security.

We are very excited to release the final episode which incorporates all the different subjects we discussed in our previous episodes and shows off an incredible resource: Digi-Key IoT Studio.

Unlike most other IoT platforms, Digi-Key IoT Studio is code-less — all sensor interaction and storage is done automatically by the drag-and-drop IDE. You don’t need to install toolchains, code editors or compile any code on your computer! Digi-Key Studio runs in your web browser, handles all aspects of developing an Internet-of-Things project, and even compiles your code remotely.

If you aren’t already using it, check out this guide to get started now.