GPTS203212B Drawing Datasheet by CW Industries

THIS INFORMATION IS CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY T0 CW INDUSTRIES INCORPORATED AND ITS AFFILIATES. IT MAY NOT BE DISCLOSED TO ANYONE. OTHER THAN CW INDUSTRIES PERSONNEL, WITHOUT WRITTEN AUTHORIZATTON FROM CW INDUSTRIES INCORPORATED, SOUTHAMPTON, PENNSYLVANIA USA. SPECIFICATIONS: Rating: DC30V 1A; 12 Contact resistance: 100m 9 (Max.); '53 Insulation resistance: DCSOOV 100M (2 (Min) ; Withstand voltage: AC 1000Vfor 1 minute ; Operating force: 500: 2009f; _ Operating Temp; —25° C ~ +65° C Life cycle: 20,000 cycles; , Total Travel: 1.5:0.3mm. MATERIAL: (9 Frame: PBT,UL rated:94V-2 Min. ; 12 Cap: POM; TerminaltBrass,Silver or Tin plated . Function: ON(1-6)»OFF Cap Color: Black 5,3 gIUI Ira 0.4 9.1 3.4 E:C-B- ,YOUTIBQtLonJIAgyV) RoHS Compliant 2 Add d0 N T 1-1 -12. e INDUSTRIES DaIeDrawn: 3—22—12 Rev. 2 Unit: mm gyfwkwgguld I e Fem no amp 1 a Southampton,Pa.1aaee Title: CW PIN: Te' 215'355'7080’WWW-“Winmm PUSH BUTTON SWITCH GPTSZO321ZB