Solutions de capteurs

L'objectif de cette zone TechZone dédiée aux capteurs est de fournir des ressources techniques et de l'aide additionnelle pour la sélection de capteurs proposés par Digi-Key. Notre offre inclut des capteurs d'accélération, d'inclinaison, de navigation, de courant, d'environnement, d'image, de liquide, de positionnement, de pression, de force et de température.

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An overview of the VL610X technology.
MLV Series low voltage pressure sensor family is based on All Sensors’ CoBeam²™ Technology, providing a compensated and calibrated millivolt output signal.
BLVR Series Basic Sensor is based on a Dual Die Reference technology to reduce all output offset or common mode errors
Explore pressure sensor packages that are PC board mountable and multiple port and lead options are available in the DLVR Series from All Sensors.

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Will they finally catch him? See how Digi-Key creates custom motion sensors using various electronic components from Panasonic paired with an Android app to in hopes to catch Sasquatch. A PIR motion s...
TMG399x optical sensor has the capability to drive the IR LED in the module. This allows barcodes stored on a smartphone to be read by common red laser point-of-sale checkout scanners. Jerry demonstra...
Digi-Key presents an M&M colored candy sorter device. They describe all the key features of the demo and the TCS3472 color sensor.
A product preview of the Bourns AMM20B multi-turn non-contacting analog position sensors and the AMS22 single turn position sensors, all which are programmable at Digi-Key. For more information on th...
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