Solutions d'alimentation

Répondant aux exigences croissantes en matière de rendement, d'empreintes plus compactes et de coûts inférieurs, la zone TechZone dédiée aux solutions d'alimentation de Digi-Key est conçue pour offrir des alternatives fiables et utiles aux ingénieurs afin de les aider à relever tous leurs défis d'alimentation.

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Bel Power Solutions' ABC550/MBC550 series of open-frame power supplies feature a wide universal AC input range of 90 VAC to 264 VAC.
Date de publication : 2017-01-20
Allegro MicroSystems' A6862 is an N-channel power MOSFET driver capable of controlling MOSFETs connected as a 3-phase solid state relay in phase-isolation applications.
Date de publication : 2017-01-19
Qualtek has updated its series of AC / DC wall mount and desktop power supplies to meet U.S Department of Energy's efficiency Level VI standards.
Date de publication : 2017-01-19
Diode's ZABG4003, ZABG6003, and ZABG6004 are low-power, programmable depletion mode FET bias controllers intended primarily for satellite low noise blocks (LNBs).
Date de publication : 2017-01-19

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History of ROHM SiC Production including superior material properties of SiC.
Date de publication : 2017-01-13
SiC modules are ideally suited to replace higher current rating IGBT modules.
Date de publication : 2017-01-05
Minimal reverse recovery behavior of the parasitic diode and supports high-speed switching.
Date de publication : 2017-01-05
Linear Technology’s LT3045 is a high performance low dropout linear regulator featuring LTC’s ultralow noise and ultrahigh PSRR architecture for powering noise sensitive applications
Date de publication : 2017-01-04

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The LTC®3871 is a high performance bidirectional buck or boost switching regulator controller that operates in either buck or boost mode on demand.
Date de publication : 2017-01-23
The LTM4636 is a 40A step-down µModule switching regulator with 3D packaging construction for quicker heat dissipation and cooler operation in a small package.
Date de publication : 2017-01-20
The video provides an overview of the P9221-R; a highly-integrated, Qi-compliant wireless power receiver targeted for 15W applications.
Date de publication : 2017-01-17
The smart way to design your application.
Date de publication : 2017-01-17
Infineon Data Processing Systems
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